The Demonic Practices of Bethel’s Kid’s Ministry

Documentation of the demonic occultic practices of the Children’s ministry of Bethel, Redding [CA.] This is further witness to the rotted roots of this heretical so-called church, and of their leaders. See Bethel’s children’s pastor Seth Dahl admit he teaches and leads kids in various practices – including visualization, contemplative “Soaking” prayer and counterfeit angelic encounters, etc. rightly notes:

Youth Leaders like Seth Dahl should not be teaching children if he is prepared to mislead others about the bible. Claiming “the word ‘imagination’ in the Greek language is also translated ‘heart’” and using “Ephesians 1:18 and Luke 1:51,” proves he doesn’t understand Greek, or how language works on a fundamental level.

Who are the people he claims “have a problem with the imagination”? Because the bible NOWHERE teaches these practices. This man is a deceiver and (as the scriptures say), must be silenced. 

“There are many who are insubordinate, empty talkers and deceivers, especially those of the circumcision party. They must be silenced, they are upsetting whole families by teaching for shameful gain what they ought not to teach.” Titus 1:10-11



Priscilla Shirer: Out Of The Closet At The Alpha Leadership Conference 2017

Popular author and woman’s conference speaker, Priscilla Shirer has finally done it – Exposed herself as as a full-blown advocate of contemplative mysticism and ecumenism. As Shirer continues promoting her “Fervent Tour” – speaking at many churches, including many Calvary Chapels – few seem to notice she is also scheduled as a featured speaker at the 2017 Alpha Leadership Conference.

The significance of Shirer’s appearance – alongside Nicky Gumbel, (pioneer of the contemplative “Alpha Course“, and Vicar of the heretical Holy Trinity Brompton) as well as many Catholic and Anglican clergymen – cannot be understated.

What has been suspected – indeed, hinted at – is now out in the open and undeniable. Those churches that continue to host her conferences are now without excuse. This includes the many Calvary Chapels that have repeatedly sponsored her and her materials.

 Alpha Con17 link is here:

 Shirer’s Alpha Con bio deceptively states: “She considers it a privilege to serve believers from every denomination and culture by helping them to know the truths of Scripture intellectually and by encouraging them to experience these truths practically …”

 Speakers include:

Nicky Gumbel – HTB leader, pioneer of Alpha…

Ken Costa – V. Chair UBS; Chairman Lazard & Chairman Alpha Int’l

John Grey – Ass. pastor @ J. Osteen’s Lakewood Church

Mark Batterson – Mr. ‘Circle Maker’…

Luis Tagle – Archbishop of Manila, Philippines

Jean Vanier – Catholic philosopher, theologian, and humanitarian.

James Mallon – Canadian Parish priest

Other speakers include a handful of Church of England affiliates. Worship is by HTB’s Ben Cantelon, and Catholic artist Matt Maher.


Note that Calvary Costa Mesa’s Chapel Store and Calvary Distribution continue to both use and sell Shirer’s materials. Brian Brodersen’s CCCM even recently hosted her “Fervent Tour”.

Calvary Chapels – especially CCA affiliates – need to seriously access  this situation and protect their flocks against this clear and present danger.


For more on Shirer see: Beth Moore & Priscilla Shirer – Their History of Contemplative Prayer…

Going Beyond Scripture: Why It’s Time to Say Good-Bye to Priscilla Shirer and Going Beyond Ministries

And see: Priscilla Shirer and Contemplative/ Centering Prayer

The Christian Music Industry Exposed – Part 1

This is one of my early videos. I realized that Part 2 had been on YouTube & here on the EW blog, but Part 1 – which deals with occult symbolism used in the art on “Christian” albums – had only been posted to my  Facebook page. So, here is Part 1 of the series.

Part. 2 – Which treats the issue of Audio-Visual/ hypnotic Entrainment – has been on YouTube for some time. The link is HERE:

Repost: Jacob Prasch – Factions, Heresies and Apostasy in the Church

This is a video repost of Jacob Prasch on the ‘Love for Truth’ Radio program 7/30/16

Although I am not a big fan of Jacob’s – after his defense of Joe Schimmel & his video attacking the Pre-Trib rapture – The first 8 minutes of this video has some very useful info & insights that is quite appropriate in regards to the Calvary Chapel split.

Brodersen splits from CCA; calls for new “Global Network”

This is a repost of Amy Spreeman’s Berean Research article that was posted earlier today.

Split Calvary Dove

The Calvary Chapel fracture was bound to happen, and now it appears Costa Mesa senior pastor Brian Brodersen is leading that split, calling for “like-minded” pastors to stand with him.

Over the weekend Brodersen quit his leadership position at the Calvary Chapel Association, and  announced he is establishing a new Calvary Chapel Global Network. This network, he says, will be a place for pastors on his side of the split “be a part of something greater than our own local congregations.”

In a letter dated November 6 to all Calvary Chapel pastors, Brodersen made his intentions clear that he no longer wishes to cooperate with other CC leaders who have raised red flags of concern over Brodersen’s significant departure from CC’s doctrinal distinctives:


To: Calvary Chapel Pastors
From: Brian Brodersen
Date: Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dear Pastor,

Brian Brodersen

Brian Brodersen

The prophet Amos asked the question: “Can two people walk together without agreeing on the direction?” The implied answer is, no, they can’t.

For the past three years and more, a group of men known to you as the CCA Council have sought to lead Calvary Chapel into the future. For some in the group, there has always been the question of whether this was even possible. All of us grew up and learned much of what we know about ministry under the leadership of Pastor Chuck Smith. We were all pastors of our own churches and leaders over our own ministries, and all of us were, and still are, fiercely independent.

Our common bond, apart from our relationship with Jesus, was Pastor Chuck. When the Lord took him home, we all agreed that we would try to work together and collectively lead the ministry of Calvary Chapel. After three years of attempting to do that, we find ourselves, at least from my point of view, at an impasse. We are not agreed on the direction that the ministry is to go. Some want to, in my opinion, dwell in the past. Some want to move ahead into the future, being thankful for our past but not bound to it or feeling a need to continually revisit it.

Doctrinally we are all in agreement with a few minor differences on a few secondary issues. No one has, in any way, deviated from historic biblical doctrine, or from what might be called Calvary’s core values or from what we know as the Calvary Distinctives. Our areas of disagreement are NOT theological or doctrinal; they are more methodological and practical, yet they are real disagreements. These disagreements have not only hindered us from moving forward in the work of the kingdom of Christ, they have created confusion, contention, and some division within the body of Christ.

It is for these reasons that I have decided to resign my position as a member of the CCA Council. I do believe that this is the best way forward for us all. I maintain a love and close friendship with many of the CCA Council members and trust that we will continue, in many ways, to co-labor together for the kingdom. To some degree, this comes down to a difference of vision. The goal is the same—the glory of Christ and the furtherance of His kingdom on earth. But we differ on how we accomplish that goal.

So although I have resigned from CCA, I will continue to lead, as I believe the Lord has called me to do. I will continue to pastor Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, and will also put on our annual Pastors and Leaders Conference, as well as other conferences both at home and abroad throughout the year. We will also continue to provide content and ministry resources through, as well as keeping our church locator database up for those who share our vision and want to be connected with what the Lord has done and continues to do through CCCM.

Finally, in the days ahead, because we feel a strong call to continue church planting and helping both existing ministries and those that will come along in the future, we will be establishing the Calvary Chapel Global Network, which will be a place for like-minded pastors to enjoy fellowship and be a part of something greater than our own local congregations.

Having said all that, let me make this perfectly clear: this is NOT a call to “choose sides”. There are no sides. I fully expect that there will be freedom to connect with CCCM, Calvary Chapel Global Network, and at the same time, be a part of CCA. For my part, I look forward to both the freedom that this decision brings as well as the ongoing fellowship and ministry partnership with many of the CCA Council members and many of the churches that are part of the Calvary Chapel Association.

I do believe that our best days are ahead of us, and I pray God will grant us mercy and pour His Spirit upon us as we labor for Him, awaiting that blessed hope, the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Let me close with these words from Pastor Chuck:

“Calvary Chapel started as a movement that was truly a fresh work, outside the scope of most other churches that were around at the time. God wanted to do a fresh work, so He created a new skin to pour His Spirit into, and we got to see His blessings. But if the Lord tarries, and He takes me home before the rapture, I hope no one tries to institutionalize what God has done at Calvary Chapel. I don’t want anyone going around saying, ‘When Chuck was here,’ and ‘This is the way Chuck did it.’ May God help us not to get rigid. I want to stay flexible and open. I want to see a continual movement of the Spirit of God; so I need to stay supple, flexible, and pliable. If we create a religious system, with rigid controls and traditions, then God will have to once again go outside of us in order to do a new work of His Spirit.”

Sincerely, Brian Brodersen


Keep in mind that two weeks ago Brodersen insulted Pastor Chuck Smith, his father-in-law and founder of the Calvary Chapel movement:

“You know the last 10 years of pastor Chuck’s life in ministry, um, probably almost every sermon on a Sunday was seriously a doom and a gloom message and it was basically the world’s going to hell but the Lord’s coming so just you know buckle your seat belt, hold on and we’re all gonna be out of here. And so once a month I would preach and I would literally get up and try to counter what was happening for the other 3 weeks…”

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Berean Research post: Calvary Chapel’s Brian Brodersen instructs pastors to “Tone it down” for youth

On Nov. 3rd, 2016, Amy Spreeman of Berean Research posted regarding the issues mentioned in the post of 10/24/16.

Much of Brodersen’s words were transcribed and published therein.

Calvary Chapel’s Brian Brodersen instructs pastors to “Tone it down” for youth


Brian Brodersen

The Calvary Chapel Association has promised all 1,600 of its churches around the world an international meeting next year to address concerns about its future direction. That’s in direct response to a growing chorus of concerns from pastors around the drastic departure from Scripture and from Calvary’s doctrinal distinctives spearheaded by Costa Mesa pastor Brian Brodersen since the death of his father-in-law, CC founder and pastor Chuck Smith. (Those changes are bullet-pointed in the article titled, Fed up with false teaching: Calvary Chapel church says “So Long” to the CC Association.)

“Beating the Drum”

Recently Brodersen raised even more alarms during Calvary’s Northwest Pastor’s Conference. In a panel discussion, Brodersen insulted Smith and cast a vision for a new paradigm shift in the way Brodersen wants to do things from here on out. Telling pastors to “tone down” their Old Testament rhetoric, and stop “beating the drum” on biblical prophecy and end times, Brodersen warned they were chasing all the young people away from church.

The Calvary Chapel Association promised pastors it will address concerns at a meeting in November of 2017.

Meanwhile the Emergent Watch blog published Brodersen’s comments, which has gone viral…


For the rest of the article @

And also see