The Shack Movie – On Shaky Ground

As there have been many good reviews of the movie (and the book) The Shack – it is not my intent here to do another. Rather, I have done a satirical Photoshop hack of The Shack movie poster, that I believe, adequately expresses my sentiments on the subject.

For a well balance review of the movie, please see Lighthouse Trails/ Warren B. Smith’s article: Before Watching The Shack Movie, Read This – The “Inspiration” Behind the Movie and Eugene Peterson’s Connection


The Whosoevers – Lies Legitimatized?

In their first conference since the big Calvary Chapel split of November 2016, the CC Association [CCA] is holding a “Stay The Course” conference April 3-5th, 2017. When it was originally announced, there were nine CCA guys in the lineup, but then, ten days later, and without explanation, Ryan Ries [RR] was added to the lineup.

It should have been a forewarning – when Ries, who was not a scheduled speaker – was snuck into a group picture of speakers at the “Dunamis” conference held at CC Downey on Feb. 16-18. The CCA is making a HUGE mistake inviting Ries to speak at their conference.

Aside from the many problems inherent in the Whosoever ministry (as has been documented) – back on May 21, 2016, RR had Brian ‘Head’ Welch [BHW], on his nationwide “Shine” radio broadcast – and doubled down on the previous lies and whitewash of the Whosoevers. There is no other word for it, but straight up lies and deception – Now, continuing, from the infamous 11/21/2014 KWVE Whosoever whitewash, to this very day.

No one seemed to be bothered much, when just two months prior to the 11/21/14 KWVE whitewash – wherein Ryan openly lied, saying that BHW “is NOT hanging out with” heretical teachers – Head himself admitted – in his Sept. 30th, 2014 endorsement of contemplative “mystic” Milly Bennitt (on his “Love Drunk Headly” FB page) : “The church at large would call this New Age, but… I’ve been connected to this type of life since 2006. I AM NOT HIDING WHO I AM to please anybody!”

The massive amount of documented evidence of Brian Head Welch’s heretical associations is beyond dispute – and forms a continuous stream, from at least 2012 up to the present day. Though he claims otherwise – it is a fact – that the majority of photos and videos taken of BHW with false teachers are not simply of him sitting passively in the audience, but of his participating in various events with these men.

>> New EmergentWatch Video:

Also, note that most of the documentation of BHW’s errors come from his own (and his friend’s) social media posts – wherein he openly endorses and/ or promotes many false teachers. Now, two years later – after being given his own live radio show – Ryan has again found it necessary to go on nation-wide radio and brazenly lie concerning Welch – in an vain attempt to legitimatize the Whosoevers money-making enterprise, and dispel “rumors”.

It should be quite clear, after all of the years of documentation, that Brian Head Welch believes in the false “Jesus” of the false “Apostles” of the New Apostolic Reformation [NAR]. The theology and eschatology of these people is completely antithetical to Biblical Christianity. For Ryan Ries and his facilitators to attempt to perpetuate the facade that this is somehow not a problem, is a despicable deception.

The real problem isn’t even Welch himself, so much as the fact that Ryan Ries and his facilitators – Brian Brodersen, Raul Ries and others – would facilitate and perpetuate outright lies, and go to such lengths to sanitize, indeed, whitewash the Whosoevers.

This is no longer a matter just involving Brodersen & Calvary Costa Mesa, but now involves the men on the CCA. Men who are now apparently facilitating Ryan Ries and granting him cover – allowing him to use the CCA to legitimatize his lies.

No matter how you try to legitimatize it – No matter WHO endorses it – You cannot build a genuine Christian ministry on a foundation of lies – for, “No lie is of the TRUTH”! – 1 John 2:21


Whosoevers: Timeline of Aberrations – 2016 to March 2017

4/11/2016 – RR posts on FB his attending & endorsing the heretical “Azusa Now” event

4/15/16- BHW speaks @ James Robison’s ‘Life Today’ (Word Faith) TV program.

5/21 – R. Ries interviews Head on KWVE; Doubles down on whitewash! > See video

5/22- BHW scheduled @ CC Golden Springs, but his appearance was canceled…

6/18/16- RR has Eric Gregson of NAR linked “Tithemi” church on his radio show. Video @

See video @ 20 min.+ and See esp.

7/16/16- RR FB posts selfie with friends @ “Together 2016” event

7/20/16- BHW ministry w/ Todd White

8/13/16- BHW spoke @ Rick Joyner (Morningatar) affiliated Gathering Church in Moravian Falls, NC.

And see

8/20- Video BHW driving with ‘Shalam Das’:

> See > NOTES: Shalem Das heads up; Which appears to be affiliated with The Gathering church – in Moravian Falls, NC

10/7- BHW Tweets, “Todd White and crew are here tonight.”

11/1- BHW Posts vid on FB mocking & threatening his critics – see

11/18- BHW book signing @ “Days of the Dead” Horror convention, Chicago


Jan. 1- BHW speaks at NAR affiliated Tithemi church

2/18RR poses with CCA pastors @ the “Dunamis” conference @ CC Downey…

2/22- BHW travels to Santiago, Chile to do the “Enciende Chile” event with NAR affiliates (“Apostle”) Leif Hetland & Robby Dawkins. See 

Enciende hosted by Roger Cunningham’s Vineyard church, Santiago, Chile. See

See Hetland’s Bio:

See also

Esp. see:

March 11- In Blabbermouth interview BHW bemoans “vicious” attacks From Christians.

[NOTE: Because links can be changed or deleted, the use of dated screen captures is essential for proper documentation. See the accompanying video.]

The Christian Music Industry Exposed – Part 1

This is one of my early videos. I realized that Part 2 had been on YouTube & here on the EW blog, but Part 1 – which deals with occult symbolism used in the art on “Christian” albums – had only been posted to my  Facebook page. So, here is Part 1 of the series.

Part. 2 – Which treats the issue of Audio-Visual/ hypnotic Entrainment – has been on YouTube for some time. The link is HERE:

The Convergence of New Age Theology and Progressive Politics

On Feb. 2-4 a New Age, liberal progressive confab is set for Washington DC, with a bevy of speakers – see

Led by Marianne Williamson, the modern day rep for the demonic “Course in Miracles” – The “Sister Giant in DC” event will also feature: the socialist Bernie Sanders, psychic Jean Houston, leftist Dennis Kucinich, Qabbalistic “Rabbi” Micheal Lerner and a host of other leftist new agers.

The list includes: the Co-founder of (online) #BlackLivesMatter; Reps from the apostate Union Theological Seminary: Reps from the Muslim Public Affairs Council; President of the American Institute of Buddhist Studies; the Executive Director of the Network of Spiritual Progressives; Four teachers of contemplative “Mindfulness”; and Leftist media reps from: MSNBC; CNN; NBC; BBC; PBS; WashPost and others.

Calvary Chapel and The Propaganda of the Phoenix Preacher

INTRO: Michael Newnham, AKA the “Phoenix Preacher”, has repeatedly made unfounded accusations against the Calvary Chapel Association – accusing them of engaging in “Propaganda”, etc. The facts are, it is Newnham & Co. that are the ones guilty of propaganda. Since 11/01/16, [the day after CC’s response to BB’s comments] the Phoenix Preacher blog has posted 17 articles on the CC split; NOTE: In contrast, how many posts has the CCA done regarding the split – Only 3! The 10/31 Initial response to BB’s critical comments @ the NWPC; The 11/10 “Letter to the Movement”, and the 11/29/16 “Letter to the Movement”;  They did however, repost the July 19, 2013 CCA letter.

The following is a chronological breakdown and analysis of the posts on the Phoenix Preacher blog, regarding the Calvary Chapel split, as of 12/18/16

12/13 – Phoenix Preacher [“PP” hereafter] soliciting Money – “Help Support”

12/12 – “Things I think”– Opening line “The Calvary Chapel Association has waged a propaganda war against someone who was one of their own that make Goebbels proud. ..” and, “It has spread to the rank and file… This is demonic…”

12/07- Kevin’s Conversations – Gracious Division”  This post praises the alleged collective wisdom of PP’s blog: “One of the unique things about this blog is the degree of theological diversity we have in our community. Certainly among our commenters and who knows how much more with our readers. Collectively, we have quite a range of opinion…” <>> Diverse? Anglican, Calvinist, Emergent & Contemplative – if this is “Diversity”, it is a bad joke.

12/06- “Spiritual McCarthyism” – This is PP’s most despicable rant, wherein he vilifies BB’s critics and anyone who dares challenge his propaganda. McCarthyism, is defined herein as, “the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence… [and] tmaking unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent” This description, more than anything – precisely describes what PP &Co. are doing on his blog. Yet PP asserts, “The Calvary Chapel split has revealed that McCarthyism is alive and well in the church… [and is ] fueled by unsubstantiated accusations of theological treason put forth by some Calvary Chapel Association council members and spread like manure…

       Quaint imagery, huh? Then Mr. PP launches into an extended apology for BB & his announced new policy. [See ] regarding women teaching mixed, and his so-called “complementarianism”. Brodersen and his propagandists have tried to backtrack and play down what Brian announced on Oct. 22, 2016 in CCCM’s “Further thought on Women in Ministry”  Video “Things That Matter Episode 13 – Women in Ministry”; And see

12/05- Repost of Dave Rolph’s pro-BB post

12/05- “When a Movement becomes an Institution” – by Duane Arnold; See (NOTE: Arnold is a contemplative promoting Anglican priest! > See my EW post of 11/20/16) So here, PP let’s Arnold post, and offer his theologically aberrant opinions of the CC split. Although he admits herein, “I’ve not set foot into a Calvary Chapel for close to thirty years.”; And that he’s never even met BB, still he rants on how CC’s have become “Institutional” and “formal”, and then he pulls out Lonnie Frisbee, exalting him as though he’s somehow the model of theological freedom CC’s need to follow, etc., etc.

12/01- “The CC split: Commentary”  – Here, PP  refers to the CCA as “Well heeled Tyrants fighting over territory.” and he feigns compassion as he tries to evoke emotions regarding the poor missionaries and other “caught in the middle”, who are “being fed online accusations and rumors that they have little ability to parse”. Stuff like his, “In any war, there are always victims considered “collateral damage”…”, etc., etc…

11/30- “Like Father in law, like son in law” Another Brodersen promo – another vain attempt to compare BB with Pastor Chuck.

11/30- On his Facebook, PP reposts Sahah Mossman Wolfe’s post of New Age “Christian” Gary Thomas’ book, “Enough is enough”. Thomas is most well know for his creepy book, “Sacred Pathways”, where he promotes occultic type prayer and straight up Gnosticism.


11/29- “The CC Split: Update” > In a shameless display of arrogance, PP herein revels in the fact that BB has all the CC assets (assets that were intended to be used by ALL the CCs). He says, “Brian Brodersen doesn’t have to answer to anyone, but his board and congregation, for how he uses the assets his father in law passed on to him. Whether you like it or not, CCCM is the home of Calvary Chapel…they own the trademarks to the name and logo and no smear campaign can change that.” Then, lastly, he defends BB’s cutting John Randall off of KWVE, saying, “the KWVE purge was not about Brodersen exacting wrath on his enemies.”

11/28- CCA Declares War On Brodersen    In response to CCA’s letter of 11/28, PP opens with, “This is the official notice of a split …and a declaration of open war instead of the passive aggressive back-stabbing that is the CC norm… again say that this is both a dishonest and duplicitous narrative that is being foisted upon the pastors and congregants of CC. We have said that it was a raw power grab on the part of the CCA… and this is the biggest grab of all!”, etc., etc…

11/17- More from the CC split  >> In response to the 11/16 CCA letter, PP, while offering no legitimate refutation to it, again hammers the lie that the CCA has no business license. Then PP asserts that the CCA, “They create doctrinal issues out of whole cloth to make him appear to be ’emergent’, ‘ecumenical’…”, etc., etc…

+11/16- PP again soliciting for money

+11/15 – “Practicing the Presence of the church” by DH Arnold (Anglican Priest/ Catholic-friendly contemplative)>> See my EmergentWatch response @

11/10- “CC split Widens”  >> Slander of Don McClure & the CCA guys here! In responding to the 2nd CC letter, PP cites their words, “Before he went to be with Jesus, Pastor Chuck made it clear he wanted the Calvary Chapel movement to be lead by a collaboration of men working together.” – PP says, “”Now then, the opening statement is a lie. It’s past time to put an end to this charade.” then he defames CCA leaders Don McClure & Joe Focht, say they are “known together as “McFocht” . Then he adds, Here’s the hard, cold, reality for “McFocht & Friends” – Brodersen and Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa own the trademark “Calvary Chapel”, they own the dove, and they own all the conference facilities all over the globe. Should he so desire, he can send a cease and desist letter to the group (if it becomes legally incorporated again) which demands they stop using it all. Frankly, IT WOULD BE FITTING IF HE DID!”

11/07 – “Does the CCA Exist?” > Even though the CCA has a legitimate up-to-date business license in states other than California, PP propagates the lie that the CCA has no license to operate at at.

11/07- On his 11/07 post, PP responds very crudely to a gal who challenges his CC propaganda.


 11/06- “My Take on Brodersen Resignation” Repost of BB’s resignation; PP says, “this is the most honest communication written by a Calvary Chapel leader in my memory… I applaud Brodersen for his honesty!” PP adds here “my guess is that the old guard will die with it’s aging leaders…but we shall see”.

11/03 – “Roasted Dove” > Here PP praises himself with, “I hate to say I told you so…no, actually I’m reveling in both the fact that I told them so…” Then he says of the CCA guys, “This bunch did what they’ve always done…they got together with an agenda for power and then pretended that God endorsed the plan. It was an exercise in oligarchy and back-stabbing by men exhibiting the worst and most petty traits of self appointed leaders.”, etc., etc…

11/02- “Busting Brodersen Pt.2”     > This exposes PP anti-Chuck bias and is just more CCA bashing.

11/01-Busting Brodersen Pt.1″ > Here PP characterizes CCA motives in their 10/31 letter as “dishonest and wicked, but facts and virtue have never stood in the way of lust for power.” he ends here with, “The only real “unity” in the leadership of this group is the unity of the Philadelphia coalition to usurp Brian Brodersen from the movement altogether.” This hit-piece was released the day after the initial CCA letter of response to BB’s despicable comments.


So the reader may understand where PP & Co. are coming from – a further examination of the documentation will reveal that he and alot of his friends are Catholic contemplative promoting, emergent & ecumenical. Here are a few recent samples:

12/10- In his “Open Blogging” post here – PP’s buddy Duane (Contemplative) Arnold says, “Michael, Have you read “The Gospel and the Catholic Church” by Michael Ramsey? It’s a short book that I think you would very much enjoy.”; >> PP responds: “Duane, I haven’t, but I’ll fetch it for myself today.”

Arnold interjects: “I first met Bishop Michael on our honeymoon in the UK… he was my confessor/spiritual director for several years. A genuine godly man… “The Gospel and the Catholic Church” ties together the concept of the Body of Christ in terms of the Church itself, the ascended Christ and the Eucharist. Simple but profound… ” >> PP responds: “Duane, I just picked it up on my Kindle…thank you! I take book recommendations pretty seriously from folks like you…” A little further down, Arnold adds, “Ramsey was [Anglican] Archbishop of Canterbury… His relationship with the RC church was warm. Pope Paul VI gave him his bishop’s ring… He bequeathed it to the office in perpetuity…”

12/06 – His “Linkathon” links to the contemplative “Advent with St. John of the Cross” @


PP& D.Arnold-link-catcon

NOTE that PP’s 11/28 comments, apparently in response to my EW article -exposing his Catholic contemplative advocacy – contained NO PROOF of anything. As usual, PP considers his own word good as holy writ, as he says, “I have to laugh… This site [] is full of nonsense that I’ve refuted…” Yet, WHERE is ANY legitimate refutation, any documentation? It doesn’t exist, because he hasn’t a shred.

pp-newham-claims refutes-EW-article

He has no real evidence of anything. Newnham’s claim to fame seems to be his secret un-name-able “inside” sources in CCCM. But factually, Mr. PP tries to foist his folly on his faithful followers, with nothing more than his word – and that being hearsay.


Newnham’s Blogroll

Lastly, as further evidence of PP’s spiritual inclinations, I point you to his BLOGROLL. One can also discern a fair amount about a person’s proclivities in a blog by their blogroll – their recommended blogs.

1] “Calvary Chapel Abuse” – which is an essentially an abusive site attacking CC & pastor Chuck amongst other things.

2] “Heavy for the Vintage” – This “explores spirituality as displayed by those whose lives are a mess… On his popular weekly podcast, Drunk Ex-Pastors, Jason and his agnostic co-host sit down over drinks and discuss everything from religion to pop culture… Jason stepped down from ministry to embark on a career as a writer, speaker, mentor, and really bad Catholic …”

PP linked heavy-vintage2

3] “Internetmonk” ; A quick search of this site for “contemplative” shows us there are 110 tagged articles for this. including multiple posts on Thomas Merton, Brennen Manning & Julian of Norwich, etc.


And of course, now PP Newnham shamelessly promotes his “wisdom” and pithy saying in his book series entitled: “Make your own Application”, whose tagline is “You’ve read the blog, NOW GET THE BOOK”! Seriously – No thanks you!


BE ADVISED: Use of screen captured materials is protected under the Fair Use guidelines.


The “Phoenix Preacher” promotes Contemplative Prayer!

Anyone who has followed the blog of Michael Newnham – aka the “Phoenix Preacher” – has probably observed his disdain for Calvary Chapel Founder Chuck Smith and his endorsement of Brian Brodersen and his “New Direction”.

For those who aren’t aware, Michael Newnham is a disgruntled ex-Calvary Chapel guy, who has taken out his frustrations on his blog, and developed a fairly large following. Aside from his many caustic commentaries – the emergent, ecumenical and contemplative sympathies of the Newnham needs to be pointed out. [See ]

Phoenix Phobics

In posting the 11/15/2016 article by his ally, Duane Arnold, entitled, “Practicing The Presence of the Church”, Newnham has revealed himself to be promoter of contemplative mysticism, as Arnold is given the digital pulpit to purvey his poison.

Early in my life as a Christian, a friend gave me the gift of a small volume entitled “Practicing the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence.” He quickly adds: “It is an extraordinary book which, if you have not read it, I would whole-heartedly recommend. And then Arnold says, “Lawrence made a profound discovery… the continual experience of God’s presence that constituted what we might call today, “a personal relationship with God”.

Without explaining what practices are involved in this so-called “Practicing the Presence”, Arnold says, “May I suggest that if, as the Church, we truly wish to imitate Christ we must do the same.”

The only problem here is that what Brother Lawrence promotes is not “a personal relationship with God”, as claimed – but rather Lawrence promotes the occult form of meditation now know as Contemplative Prayer”.

Newham @mystic-chapel2

Arnold’s ecumenical website is, “The Project” @



Harvest Crusades and Hollywood Celebrities?

In another episode of his continuing compromises and endless photo-ops – Greg Laurie had actor/ director Mel Gibson as a ‘surprise guest’ at his 2016 SoCal Harvest Crusade on Aug, 28th. Gibson revealed he’s been “discussing” a sequel to the “Passion”, with his screen writer, Randall Wallace.

Gibson was then asked about his upcoming film “Hacksaw Ridge,” a film based on the true story of Army medic Desmond Doss during World War II. Doss, a Seventh-day Adventist and a conscientious objector, was credited with saving many lives while under enemy fire during the 1945 Battle of Okinawa.

Gibson stated: “Desmond was a conscientious objector and he went into battle without a weapon as a medic and what he did was supernatural and He only did it through faith. He was armed only with his faith.” Gibson asserts that Doss could not have done what he did without the power of God.

First, one has to question here WHY Greg would allow the faith of a Seventh -Day Adventist to be held up as an example to those he is trying to “evangelize”? Aside from the fact that Gibson’s behavior at the Harvest was very erratic – One has to question WHY Greg Laurie would bring in famous Hollywood people like Mel Gibson – even those who’s commitment to Christ is highly questionable?

Factually, Mel Gibson is NOT a born-again Christian believer. He is rather a adherent of the Catholic Traditionalist movement – which practices the traditional Catholic Mass and believe that Mary is a “co-redemptrix” and “mediatrix”! [Gibson has funded and attends the Church of the Holy Family in Malibu, CA. see] Thus, Mel Gibson does NOT follow the Biblical Christ Jesus – So WHY is Greg promoting him to believers a & unbelievers alike?

Is the power of the simple, straightforward Gospel just not enough to win people to Christ anymore? And why did Greg seize the opportunity at the crusade, to praise & promote Gibson’s neo-Catholic depiction of Jesus in his “Passion” movie? Is Christ really being magnified in all this, and is the true Biblical Jesus really being presented to the Crusade audiences?

Greg Laurie says Seventh Day Adventists (cultists) are “Christian“!

Another major problem is that at 6:24 in the You Tube video, [Greg Laurie Interviews Mel Gibson at the SoCal Harvest –]  >>> Greg Laurie states:

“I would say that Hacksaw Ridge [Gibson’s new movie] is THE BEST DEPICTION OF A CHRISTIAN in a main stream film that I’ve seen since Chariots of Fire!”

BUT: Are Seventh Day Adventists actually Christians?

The problems with the teachings of the SDA are many and serious. Not the least of which is that they elevate the teachings of their founder, Ellen G. White – to the status of infallibility!

Ellen G. White (EGW), the Seventh-day Adventist’s prophetess makes the following claims:- “In ancient times God spoke to men by the mouth of prophets and apostles. In these days He speaks to them by the testimonies of His Spirit. There was never a time when God instructed His people more earnestly than He instructs them now concerning His will and the course that He would have them pursue.” —Testimonies, vol. 4, pp. 147-148. (1876)

AND:- “In these letters which I write, in the testimonies I bear, I am presenting to you that which the Lord has presented to me. I do not write one article in the paper expressing merely my own ideas. They are what God has opened before me in vision–the precious rays of light shining from the throne.” —Testimonies, vol. 5, p. 67.

The fact are that the SDA church has all the earmarks of a cult. It adherents are cult followers of Ellen G. White, and are not biblical Christians. For Greg Laurie to call the story of this SDA follower, “The BEST depiction of a Christian” is not only misleading, but dangerous!

See:; Also see

See also:

And see: