The False Gospel of Ryan Ries

Ryan Ries, of The Whosoevers – his ministry, his presentation of the Gospel, and his claims of a “95%” conversion rate – are examined in this all new video – taken from recent Whosoever event footage.

What is wrong with the message of Ryan and the Whosoevers?

1] The kids are drawn by the allure of a free concert, free merchandise and free pizza. See 2Peter 2:18

2] Ryan’s message is centered on his own “testimony”, wherein he glorifies the flesh, and his rock & roll lifestyle.

3] Rather than even mention sin or repentance, Ryan teaches there is “a void” in your life”, and that apparently, you simply need to add Jesus to your life.

4] He calls Christ a “punk” rocker, and compares the disciples to “gangsters”.

5] Rather that directing his listeners to the Word of God, he encourages them to pray, and then listen for a response from God. This is advocating extra-biblical experiential, mystical revelations.

6] He does repeated plugs for his own ministry throughout his message.

7] Ryan makes false claims – that he preaches the Cross, and that he has a “95%” conversion rate at all his events.

The big question: Is Ryan making disciples of Christ, of simply followers of the Whosoevers?


The Christian Music Industry Exposed – Part 1

This is one of my early videos. I realized that Part 2 had been on YouTube & here on the EW blog, but Part 1 – which deals with occult symbolism used in the art on “Christian” albums – had only been posted to my  Facebook page. So, here is Part 1 of the series.

Part. 2 – Which treats the issue of Audio-Visual/ hypnotic Entrainment – has been on YouTube for some time. The link is HERE: