Calvary Chapel’s KWVE Radio Promotes New Age Catholic Roma Downey

I’ve been monitoring Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and it’s KWVE national radio’s outreach for some time now, but still was shocked to discover a post on the KWVE Facebook page of March 6, 2018, advertising an interview with New Age Catholic celebrity Roma Downey. The post says that “This Week on Front Page Radio Dan Wooding interviews Irish actress Roma Downey (‘Touched by an Angel‘)”. And that “Roma talks about her new book (a promotion of) ‘Box of Butterflies‘”. The post concludes with: “Listen in this Sunday (3/11/2018) at 2pm here ON KWVE”.

Roma Downey is by no stretch of the imagination an evangelical born-again believer. She is a a Catholic and a New Ager – a graduate of the New Age University of Santa Monica and a promoter of religious ecumenism.  One has to wonder what are the folks at KWVE thinking?


See also: Roma Downey’s comments about her U of SM “Spiritual Psychology” degree show she is not a Christian but in fact a New Ager – by Dave Mosher




Dallas Theological Seminary Gone Contemplative?

The ministry of EmergentWatch began as a means to alert Christians to the infiltration of false teachings coming into the churches, under the radar of most – coming into the bookstores right in their local churches. EW published a number of bookstore surveys, searching for materials by known false teachers. After being exposed, two churches surveyed slapped a copyright violation claim against two of EW’s video presentations, exposing Calvary Chapel of Downey and Rick Warren’s Saddleback church. Both videos were subsequently removed.

Two Christian Seminaries were also examined in late 2013. Fuller Theological (With predictably bad results; See, and Dallas Theological. The latter returned some alarming results, as it is widely know as a bastion of conservative Christianity.

A recent article by Lighthouse Trails explains:

“Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) has always maintained that while they teach Spiritual Formation, they only teach the “good” kind and that they are not a school that promotes contemplative spirituality. Lighthouse Trails has always challenged these suppositions. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago when Lighthouse Trails editors had some correspondence with two different DTS faculty members (one a dean) who insisted that DTS was not promoting contemplative spirituality…”

See the complete article here:

EmergentWatch did a Bookstore survey of the DTS online bookstore in November 2013, and published the results, showing hundreds of books and tapes by many known false teachers. Another survey was done on 7/21-22/2017, and shows that rather than the problem being corrected, it has gotten worse – and now includes authors such as Leonard Sweet, Henri Nouwen, Tony Campolo, Phyliss Tickle and other recognized heretical teachers. The bookstore survey is now in jpeg format.

The above results are of only a partial, and not a comprehensive survey – Yet, it certainly does appear that DTS, like so many other Christian institutions now, has been overrun with the spirit of this age.

 See also: Christian Bookstores – selling anything for profit?

Calvary (Chapel) Distribution selling book by Nick Hall – Organizer/ Promoter of the Ecumenical “Together 2016”!

Calvary Costa Mesa linked book distribution arm – Calvary Distribution – is now selling, and thus promoting “Reset: Jesus Changes Everything”, by Nick Hall – the organizer and promoter of the coming ecumenical aberration “Together 2016” – aka “RESET 2016”. Nick Hall directly partners with with the heretical teacher Lou Engle, and many other false teachers and groups!

CalDist sells Reset by Nick Hall 6.17.16

Endorsements of Hall’s book include Jesus Culture’s Lead Pastor, and others.

Reset Endorsements1

Nick Hall’s organization, “Pulse” is linked to these speakers:

Hall LX2 Engle

Pulse “Partners” also include the contemplative group “Alpha”, and others.

Pulse Partners


Calvary Chapel Affiliate Hosts Anglican Ecumenical Leader

It had been a year since I looked at the church page of Steve Berger’s Grace Chapel, a Calvary Chapel affiliate. Steve has been busy, writing more books and appearing on TV talk shows nationwide. His popularity soared with the success of his book, “Have Heart” – which promotes the UN-biblical possibility that those who have gone to Heaven can visit their loved ones on earth. see

I took another look at GC’s online bookstore and their recent events. To my surprise – Berger has just hosted (10/27) “Special Guest” Canon Andrew White – the Anglican “Vicar of Baghdad“. See

+ GC of TN - welcomes VICAR of Bagdad Mr. White previously functioned as the “Special Envoy” to the Middle East for the Archbishop of Canterbury. See In this role his work included helping draft, and facilitate the signing of the ecumenical Alexandria declaration of the Religious Leaders of the Holy Land in 2002. The Declaration contained “a commitment to work together for peace”.

White’s organization, “The Foundation for Relief and reconciliation in the Middle East” (see ) says, “Acting as a vital bridge between Shia and Sunni, Muslim and Jew, East and West, Government and Opposition, Canon Andrew White can work to reconcile the differences these groups have”.

= FRRME - 'Reconciliation'

The FRRME site says Mr. White was instrumental in helping draft The First Alexandria Declaration, and also The Baghdad Religious Accord, both of which were “instrumental in bringing together key religious leaders of Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths”.

The U.S. Institute of Peace [USIP], an U.N. affiliate, notes: “The Alexandria Declaration established a Permanent Committee for the Implementation of the Alexandria Declaration (PCIAD) including signatories as well as other spiritual leaders. PCIAD’s main mission is to utilize religious influence to support the peace process”. PCID has received the Pope’s blessing.

The USIP page informs us, “Ultimately, the aim of these consultations is to create a consensus within the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim delegations in order for inter-religious dialogue to proceed effectively and augment the efforts of the political track…”

NIF 02

When the “Vicar” isn’t globe trotting, or speaking at Berger’s church, he finds time to also speak at Bill Johnson’s heretical Bethel Church – – and even joins the apostate Todd Bentley at the “Signs & Wonders” conference (2004) –

Andrew White @ S&W.Con w. T. Bentely 2004

Aside from giving a platform for this Anglican ecumenicalist to speak and sell his wares to the GC flock, Berger’s online bookstore has gone from very bad to way worse. The GC store now carries material by: Rob Bell, Mike Bickle, Randy Clark, Lou Engle, Cindy Jacobs, Bill Johnson, etc. All the top names of the Word-Faith movement, of the NAR, Elijah List and Latter Rain heretics, and of the contemplatives. [See the GC survey graphic]. see

Grace Chapel BS Survey 11.01.14 +

The big question here a lot of people are asking is, is anyone really monitoring all this garbage. Why isn’t the “Leadership Council” of the Calvary Chapel Association taking any action to correct such things?