Former Calvary Chapel Pastor Joins Joel Osteen’s Word-Faith Church Network

Pastor Joe Sabolick is no stranger to controversy. Having begun as a youth pastor at Greg Laurie’s Harvest Fellowship in Riverside, Ca. – Sabolick started a Calvary Chapel in Laguna Beach in 1996, only to be fired in 2004 by his own hand-picked church board, amid accusations of sexual improprieties and financial mis-management. See

Sabolick then sued his former church for $15 Million, claiming defamation, only to drop the suit the following year. After changing his appearance and re-imaging himself, he was involved with ministry at a CC in Marin County, Ca., getting divorced and re-married along the way.

Having written the song made famous by Crystal Lewis at the Harvest Crusades – “Come Just as you are” – SB pulls in about $70,000 in royalties from this alone. Apparently eager to rebuild his image and finances, SB formed the “Joe Sabolick Band”, and began producing new music and released a new album (using his new Country-Western image) See

Sabolick’s moved inland and started a new church named “New Creation Church” – (as is Word-Faith heretic Joseph Prince’s Church), and it is part of Joel Osteen’s “Champions Network” of churches, being listed on Osteen’s ‘Find a Church’ app. See – This network also hosts the churches of false teachers Steven Furtick, Jentzen Franklin, Leon Fontaine, Samuel Rodriguez, and Mark Batterson.

Joe Sabolick no longer preaches the Gospel he once did, but the “Positive Confession” and “Walking in Power” message of the Word-Faith teachers. The church website footer proclaims: “You will learn that you do not have to accept the old things which have plagued you such as illness, poverty …For as a ‘New Creation’, you can expect wholeness in every area of your life and to live like the Champion that You are in Christ!” See

Sabolick’s blog posts sound like the twisted theology of Joel Osteen. His post of his ‘Thoughts For Today” (Jan. 9, 2018) tells us:

Words have creative power. When you speak something out, you give life to what you are saying… If you are going to the next level and accomplish your dreams it has to come out of your mouth, you have to declare it. God created the world by speaking it into existence… Whatever God has put in your heart, declare it is coming to pass- Nothing happens until you speak out His promise over your life!”           See

Sabolick’s tweets also reveal the same type of soundbites made famous by Osteen and others. “Speak and claim your promise”; “Your greatest days are ahead”; “You have to say it – Choose to speak life”; “You were created to reign”; etc. In just the last year, other than retweets of President Trump, Osteen and other WF teachers make up aprox. 90% of his retweets.

Fairly recently, Sabolick’s “New Creation” moved into a brand new state-of-the-art $3.75 Million facility in Perris, CA. NOTE that in Feb. 2018 Sabolick posted a video on You Tube entitled: “Joel Osteen Invites you to New Creation church with Pastor Joe and Jacquelyn Sabolick”, wherein Joel promotes his new book – “Blessed in The Darkness” – and offers a free copy to those will come to Sabolick’s church that weekend. See




6 thoughts on “Former Calvary Chapel Pastor Joins Joel Osteen’s Word-Faith Church Network

    1. How someone who knows and preached the true Gospel can apostatize and teach the Word-Faith doctrines – doctrines that are based on occultic concepts – just blows my mind. So very sad for this man.

      1. I do know that at one time he preached the genuine Gospel. How to explain what happened with him… maybe only in light of 1Tim. 4:1 – “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons”?! Can’t judge a man’s heart but we know many stray who are ambitious and fall because “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness…” – 1Tim. 6:10

  1. Jess

    Speaking words into the air of course won’t do anything. It’s witchcraft to think that it would. But also here you have more of the boring “dream destiny” nonsense that is all Osteen, Furtick, Jakes, and all their fellow false teachers, will teach. They don’t do anything else. They dangle your “dream destiny” before you, but you just don’t have it yet because you haven’t:
    1. Spoke it into the air enough
    2. Lived the “right way” that obviously they are living
    3. Given enough of yourself to God (read: MONEY TO THE PREACHER$$$)

    And in that, you have the identity of the scam, plain and simple.

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