Calvary Chapel’s KWVE Radio Promotes New Age Catholic Roma Downey

I’ve been monitoring Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and it’s KWVE national radio’s outreach for some time now, but still was shocked to discover a post on the KWVE Facebook page of March 6, 2018, advertising an interview with New Age Catholic celebrity Roma Downey. The post says that “This Week on Front Page Radio Dan Wooding interviews Irish actress Roma Downey (‘Touched by an Angel‘)”. And that “Roma talks about her new book (a promotion of) ‘Box of Butterflies‘”. The post concludes with: “Listen in this Sunday (3/11/2018) at 2pm here ON KWVE”.

Roma Downey is by no stretch of the imagination an evangelical born-again believer. She is a a Catholic and a New Ager – a graduate of the New Age University of Santa Monica and a promoter of religious ecumenism.  One has to wonder what are the folks at KWVE thinking?


See also: Roma Downey’s comments about her U of SM “Spiritual Psychology” degree show she is not a Christian but in fact a New Ager – by Dave Mosher




4 thoughts on “Calvary Chapel’s KWVE Radio Promotes New Age Catholic Roma Downey

      1. Yes, I’m sure that is just around the corner.
        I’ve been following this for many years and see how the apostasy operates. It really follows that frog in the boiling pot model. Little by little, inch by inch, bit by bit. And no one notices that way. I remember 25 years ago, none of this stuff would fly! Not a single one in solid churches. And I was in many Calvary’s in So. Ca. for years. But now the church is drowning in it and no one is alarmed and all go about their daily business and if you mention it they snap a retort at you. That frog is pretty much stew by now.

  1. Today as I was driving I had kwave on for some time and at the usual time there would have been music, I heard some interview going on. I was eager for it to end. I did not know who it was and I listened for some time hoping it would soon be over. There was some older sounding lady who happened to be from Ireland. At one point the interviewer asked her something and she was sharing about experiences of her youth and that her mom died when she was about 10. This story comes on about going to the gravesite and bringing pansies, which were her mom’s favorite because they looked like butterflies. Then as they were there a butterfly appeared and her dad said something to her about her mom’s ‘spirit’ visiting them in the butterfly (big red flag #1) and then that ever after, butterflies always brought such comfort to her in her pain as she recalled this comment about butterflies and her mom’s spirit (red flag #2) and I changed the channel and came back a bit later, hoping it was over and just then I heard the guy begin peddling some book she was hawking off (did not catch the title) and then suddenly he said; “Roma,…” and I turned it off. It then hit me that this was the item you were talking about. I don’t know if you heard it too but I just wanted to share what I heard. It is such obvious new age garbage, all ushered in under the guise of ‘grief care’! And that’s what hindus believe, that people get reincarnated into bugs and it might be their dead relative, etc. Such hooey!

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