YWAM’s Occultic New Age ‘Alternatives’ Ministry

The Christian community was recently shocked to discover that a group out of Bethel Redding – Christ Alignment – was practicing divination using “Destiny Cards”, and involved in forbidden occultic practices under the guise of ‘ministering’ to New Agers.

As it turns out, Christ Alignment has a sister group, connected to the Mendocino YWAM HQ – YWAM’s “Alternatives.net“. is based in Ontario Canada, and like ‘ChristAlignment‘, bills itself as a ministry outreach to New Agers

The Alternatives ministry is lead by a Finnish couple Jari Koivu and his wife, and claims to offer “Spiritual Readings, ‘Healing Touch’, ‘Sacred Oil’, Dream interpretation, “Prophetic & Angelic languages”.

Their webpage says: “Our teams have ministered at many holistic health and alternative spirituality expos, with hundreds (allegedly) coming to Christ and many *reported healings. We also train churches and organizations to do this… Our flagship training for that is called ‘Carry the Light‘ [cp. Latin = Lucifer].” See http://www.ywamalternatives.net/

See the accompanying video here: http://

“Alternatives Network also offers different retreats which focus on renewal, *CONTEMPLATION, healing, etc. Another aspect of our work is INNER HEALING [Sozo].” See: http://www.ywamalternatives,net/about.html

The banners displayed at the new age expos state: (apx. translation from Finnish) ““Open Sky Cafe – “On the way to Light: Intuitive messages, Words and visions whose messages healing the Spirit Energy, body and mind – Cure encounter – Holy Spirirt effective guidance for spirit growth”

Other banners claim they offer “Healing Touch” and that “There is an *IMPARTATION and flow of spiritual energy when we combine words of healing and placing our hands on the subject.”

The reality of this group is that aside from the demonic doctrines and practices involved, the leaders of this “alternatives” group use this ministry as a front to market their own line new age products.

Their banner proclaims “Wellness Advocates”, as they openly sell their Essential Oil/ Aromatherapy products at the same venues they do their “Open Sky Cafe” / “prophetic guidance” ministry.

The same essential oils being sold by Jari and the Alternatives group – doTerra – are promoted as, and used in new age occult/ meditation and Yoga rituals. See https://www.doterra.com/US/en/empowered-life-series-yoga-and-meditation

doTERRA has a series of endorsement videos by Yoga & meditation instructors, and a “Mindfulness” page, and one entitled: “The Unity of Yoga and Essential Oils”- see https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/science-wellness-unity-yoga-essential-oils

One video by Jari Koivu shows him doing a seminar on the ‘Alternatives’ ministry, wherein he states:

“When we do this (the new age expos) we believe that God speaks and offers words of encouragement, comfort and (will) edify non-Christians. We can encourage and comfort un-churched people. In many churches this is a new idea. This is something we can do and it seems that Jesus really likes that…” And:

“When we go to these expos… we just bless people…. we don’t prophecy in a Christian way though… We introduce ourselves as followers of Jesus. we don’t say we’re Christians because of the bad connotations… (they tell them) ‘This is not a psychic reading, because psychic is about the soul realm. This is a spiritual reading. We tune into the Holy Spirit here, and we do, whether it’s healing or prophesying, we do this in the name of Jesus Christ…”

NOTE: In addition to his YWAM activities, Jari has also been a regular at John Arnott’s ‘Catch the Fire Toronto’.


See also: Young Living and Do Terra Essential Oils — New Age and Occult Multi-level Marketing in the Church – https://thelasthiker.wordpress.com/2015/06/27/young-living-and-do-terra-new-age-and-occult-multi-level-marteting-in-the-church/


6 thoughts on “YWAM’s Occultic New Age ‘Alternatives’ Ministry

    1. That concept can be true but also misleading. The genuine gifts of the Holy Spirit are not at all like occult “gifts”. They most certainly are not activated by occultic practices. These people think they can “Christianize” forbidden occult practices and somehow get special knowledge from God, when in reality, the knowledge or power is coming from deceiving, counterfeit spirits. When you are guided by subjective experiences instead of God’s Word, you see only shades of Grey, as discernment is nullified.

      1. Right, I totally agree with that, these things are forbidden and of the occult. There are the real gifts from the Holy Spirit and then there is a counterfeit, with speaking in tongues for instance. When Moses went before Pharaoh, Moses performed signs and wonders there, and Pharaoh’s magicians did as well and it was copying, but then the snakes of Moses swallowed the snakes of the magicians, demonstrating God’s power over the devil and the occult…

        On another note I wanted to bring up something I’ve been noticing. Ever since the passing of BG there have been several more strides towards the one world religion in the wake of this event. I saw a post on the Christian Post about how ‘broad’ his reach was and they were criticizing those who condemned his compromise, as if it were something good… It seems that under the blanket of emotionalism they are building on the foundation that he laid that leads to the one world religion.

  1. Reblogged this on Smiffy37's Blog and commented:
    My personal experience of YWAM came many years ago when they swept into town, established a base here and visited churches in the area , bringing their message that our churches were ‘dead’ and they were bringing God’s ‘new and living way’. I loved the fact that they used scripture verses abundantly , set to music in their worship. It was exciting – BUT – there were always things that were off kilter and quite cult-like – they spoke a great deal about loving one another but showed very little of it in reality. The warning signs were there and I’m not in the least surprised that things have got this bad !!

    1. No, Karen, unfortunately there is not. YWAM has been off for at least a decade, if not much longer. They are joined at the hip to the aberrant IHOP cult, and subscribe to many of the same theology and practices. Documentation will be made available soon.

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