Duck Dynasty Darling new Christian Teen Idol?

‘Christian’ promoters marketing rock star youth culture and money-making ventures:

The Duck Dynasty TV show may be defunct, but this hasn’t kept promoters from finding new avenues of exploitation. Taking a page from the Disney Channel playlist, “Live Original” is just too un-original to be authentic.

Duck Dynasty teen Star Sadie Robertson just finished her sold out tour – with “worship” led by Jesus Culture’s Chris McClarney.


and see

And of course, Sadie has had an entire line of Christian clothing and accessories manufactured around her to maximize profits.

Promotional video shows singing “Party all day, party all night, party like a rockstar…”

The tour members are guided by “Pastor” DawnCherie’ Wilkerson, wife of Rich Wilkerson of the emergent Vous Church. See

 So apparently you can be of the world and it’s fashions and party like a rock star and still be a cool Christian? I believe there are Bible verses that refute these notions.


2 thoughts on “Duck Dynasty Darling new Christian Teen Idol?

  1. Jess

    We also shouldn’t forget that the Duck Dynasty crowd is the heretical “Church of Christ” that teaches the false gospel of works that cannot save. Their particular works that they add to salvation, is water baptism. Yes, the old water baptism salvation heresy. They are not born again, therefore, they are not Christians. But as you pointed out, it’s all to get everyone to shop shop shop….

    1. Yes, thank you for pointing that out. I had never followed the show or it’s characters much till I saw the Sadie & JCult Tour advert. But, yes, their church does teach that baptism is necessary for salvation. The True Gospel is faith plus NOTHING.

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