Kairos 2017 – Offspring of The Mother of Harlots

Just in time for Halloween – The mother of all ecumenical conferences is about to take place in Kansas City, on Oct. 24-26th – in “celebration” of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation – the Kairos 2017 event.

Organized by Vatican envoy Matteo Calisi (“United in Christ“), in collusion with Mike Bickle’s IHOP and by John Arnott’s “Catch the Fire“. Their promo states: “Unity & Revival: Come & Experience this Pivotal Event in History where Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Leaders set aside differences to reconcile 500 years of Forgiveness.”

Watch the EW media video expose’:

Speakers include: https://www.kairos2017.com/speakers/

NARpostles Lou Engle and Che Ahn

Toronto Blessing’s John Arnott

IHOP’s Mike Bickle

Word-Faith heretic Kenneth Copeland

NARprophets Wes & Stacy Campbell

Cardinal Daniel DeNardo

COE’s Archbishop Sean Larkin

Catholic Bishop Sam Jacobs

Catholic Archbishop Joseph Naumann

United in Christ’s Matteo Calisis

CBN’s Gordon Robertson

NARpostle Dutch Sheets

Oral Roberts Univ. Pres. Billy Wilson

“Worship” music will be provided by IHOP’s Misty Edwards and Arnott’s Catch the Fire music collective.

The ecumenical event will be a major milestone on the road back to Rome. This apostasy is uniting many aberrant streams of Christianity into the one-world religion predicted in the book of Revelation.


10 thoughts on “Kairos 2017 – Offspring of The Mother of Harlots

  1. 1blandina

    Exactly, all apostate roads lead back to Rome.

    I have been hearing mounting drum beats of ecumenical unity over the past year, I know they had planned on 2017 as a pivotal year for this false unity due to the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. I notice little tidbits on K-Love, articles in ‘Christian’ news sites online, and many other venues. They are pushing hard for false unity and twisting all sorts of bible verses such as Jesus’ prayer that we ‘may be one,’ but they omit the part about being ‘sanctified in and by God’s Truth’! We are not to unite with the false church, we have unity only with the true church and that is what ‘loving one another’ and ‘being one’ applies to and refers to.

    God bless you!!!

  2. It’s all about unifying the world in the name of Christ – for Satan to show up in Rev 17-18.
    If a man loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him… Horrid Apostasy, it can’t be long now to the Mother of Harlots and her daughters swing into action!

  3. Martyn Ricketts

    Makes a total mockery of the many who were martyred by the Catholic church because they stood up against the evil teaching of Rome. Rome has not changed. ..they just don’t kill people any more but their evil teaching remains.

    They talk about setting aside our difference and being in unity. How can we set aside clear truth just to have unity.

    Lets join up with the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witness and the Muslims. They all believe Jesus was a prophet so lets just unite with them!!

    How absurd this all is!!!

    My grandmother said over 60 years ago that chapels will join with the church (she came from Wales in UK) and the churches will join with Rome and sure enough it will happen and many will be swept up by it.

    These leaders should be ashamed of themselves

    Its mock unity!

    1. Those leaders are fully (and often willingly), deceived. It’s of course part of Satan’s end game. Though he will try to overthrow God we all know he will lose mightily.

      In the meantime, this push toward unity will simply continue to be part of the great deception that will encompass the world.

      We need to be vigilant and prayerful in attempting to minister to those caught up in the lie. Surely the Lord will open the eyes of some.

  4. A truly satanic convocation of ecumenicals or Christians in name only. And they all will ultimately face eternal punishment after condemnation by stern Judge Jesus. Yes, they will then hear the real Catch the Fire music in the literal hell described by the ever truthful Jesus in Luke 16;19-31 ……unless they repent of their heresies and seek forgiveness from Jesus before their death.
    In the divinely inspired words of Paul in Gal 1;6 ff, these pied piper teachers of “another gospel” also incur Paul’s double anathema for misleading gullible multitudes straight into the pit of hell.
    Scofield was correct in calling lack of separation from worldly distractions and false teachings as the Biggest Failure of Christians in the current 2000+ year Church Age dispensation.

  5. maropin

    Jesus Christ the son of the most high God is the same yesterday, today and forever – Hebrews 13:8. This false unity is a clear attestation to the fact that the devil, the enemy of God, remains defeated. Falsehood will always remain false and truth will always remain true – Jesus Christ is the TRUTH

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