Calvary Chapel Affiliate Hosts Major Ecumenical NAR Event

In researching the upcoming NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) event – “Awakening The Dawn” (ATD) – [the latest in a series of major ecumenical NAR events, such as Together 2016 and Azusa Now etc.] – I came across a regional event being hosted by Calvary Chapel affiliate Grace Chapel, in Franklin, Tennessee, on September 2nd, 2017.

Grace Chapel is the domain of pastor Steve Berger – author of the controversial book “Have Heart” – wherein he proposes that Christian Parents can be in open communication with their dead children – which factually amounts to the spiritualistic (occult) practice of clairaudience. For back-ground on this see:

This new video expose’ gives the background of this ATD event:

Berger has never retracted the concepts he advocated, but has gone into hosting ecumenical events at his CC affiliated church. Why Berger was never dis-affiliated or even corrected by the overseers at Calvary Chapel [CCOF/ CCA] is an open question. Now Berger has joined hands with some of the worst apostates, in his hosting of this NAR event.

The promotional page on the Grace Chapel website tells us: “We will gather together to worship & join in the story and vision for Awaken The Dawn, with David Bradshaw (Leader of Awaken The Dawn), Lou Engle (Leader of The Call), and Pastor Steve Berger.


Awakening The Dawn – Features NAR false teachers:

Heidi Baker – Iris Global

Mike Bickle – IHOP[KC]

Robbie Dawkins – Take The City

Lou Engle – Rise Up (The Call)

Sean Feucht (Bethel affil.) – Burn 24/7

Nick Hall – Pulse (Together 2016)

Luke18 Project – IHOP affiliate

Rick Pino – Heart of David

Todd White – Lifestyle Christianity

and others…

The ATD homepage link is HERE:

See Also: Calvary Chapel affiliate Hosts NAR event – Part II @

And also see:


5 thoughts on “Calvary Chapel Affiliate Hosts Major Ecumenical NAR Event

  1. 1blandina

    Wow, and that bit about ‘and pope francis call us into’! Uh, no, Jesus and pope francis are calling us into two totally different things. Jesus calls us into unity with the true church, that is what John 17 is all about. Not with false religion and apostasy. But pope francis wants to unite everybody, from all false religions, the catholic church, and all other denominations, and if possible, even the elect, under his umbrella of the one world religion. Wow! The deception pulls the deceived further down by the day. Thanks for all the research on this and for posting this. Blessings!

  2. Winnie

    My goodness, this is tragic!! Is this the book that a Harvest pastor in CA endorsed? I recall reading about this a while ago. The affiliations of this next meeting is shocking. My heart is very heavy.

    1. Yes, Steve Berger’s book, “Have Heart” was endorsed by Greg Laurie (Harvest Riverside); and was also endorsed by the false teachers James Robison and William Paul Young (author of The Shack)

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