Dallas Theological Seminary Gone Contemplative?

The ministry of EmergentWatch began as a means to alert Christians to the infiltration of false teachings coming into the churches, under the radar of most – coming into the bookstores right in their local churches. EW published a number of bookstore surveys, searching for materials by known false teachers. After being exposed, two churches surveyed slapped a copyright violation claim against two of EW’s video presentations, exposing Calvary Chapel of Downey and Rick Warren’s Saddleback church. Both videos were subsequently removed.

Two Christian Seminaries were also examined in late 2013. Fuller Theological (With predictably bad results; See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCbS3Mwo07A), and Dallas Theological. The latter returned some alarming results, as it is widely know as a bastion of conservative Christianity.

A recent article by Lighthouse Trails explains:

“Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) has always maintained that while they teach Spiritual Formation, they only teach the “good” kind and that they are not a school that promotes contemplative spirituality. Lighthouse Trails has always challenged these suppositions. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago when Lighthouse Trails editors had some correspondence with two different DTS faculty members (one a dean) who insisted that DTS was not promoting contemplative spirituality…”

See the complete article here: http://www.lighthousetrailsresearch.com/blog/?p=23055

EmergentWatch did a Bookstore survey of the DTS online bookstore in November 2013, and published the results, showing hundreds of books and tapes by many known false teachers. Another survey was done on 7/21-22/2017, and shows that rather than the problem being corrected, it has gotten worse – and now includes authors such as Leonard Sweet, Henri Nouwen, Tony Campolo, Phyliss Tickle and other recognized heretical teachers. The bookstore survey is now in jpeg format.

The above results are of only a partial, and not a comprehensive survey – Yet, it certainly does appear that DTS, like so many other Christian institutions now, has been overrun with the spirit of this age.

 See also: Christian Bookstores – selling anything for profit? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTQH9TGun20


9 thoughts on “Dallas Theological Seminary Gone Contemplative?

  1. 1blandina

    Yes, it is so bad now that nothing surprises us anymore who are discerning. It is just the reality that I assume the apostasy has already infected a church, bookstore, seminary, etc. All I have to do is lift one little finger and my suspicions are confirmed, sometimes not even that much effort is needed. When I find a specimen that has not been infested and corrupted, it is a diamond in the sands of an endless shore, a rare gem. Either by intentional deception via the infiltration by wolves in sheep’s clothing, or unintentionally by deceived pastors; deliberate or not, either way the result is the same, more of the church at large swallowed up by the apostasy as a thick fog. When you warn, the only result is hostility.

    1. No, it may not be surprising… The Bible warns us of this apostasy. However, it is still shocking to see depth of deception happening in so many churches, even in many once solid churches.

  2. We recognize that in some circles the term “spiritual formation” has taken on a very different
    connotation. Spiritual Formation at Dallas Theological Seminary should be in
    no way associated with the so-called “contemplative prayer movement” that pursues
    enlightenment of the self rather than Christlikeness. We do not promote or endorse any form of
    eastern mysticism, higher consciousness, divinity within the self, or any practice that promotes
    entering into an altered or transcendent state of consciousness. These dangerous and
    heterodox teachings often masquerade as Christian spirituality. We categorically reject these
    practices and their claims. Our foundation is Scriptural. Our goal is Christological. The method
    is Pneumatalogical. Our intentions are doxological.

    1. Dear Mr. Hill, thank you for your courage in responding. My question to you is: if it is indeed true that DTS is “no way associated with the so-called “contemplative prayer movement”, and that they “categorically reject these practices and their claims” – then WHY IS YOUR BOOKSTORE FULL OF BOOKS BY THE CHIEF CONTEMPLATIVES? As regards what is actually taught at DTS, I have scant info. But regardless, the sale of this material in your bookstore *IS promotion and distribution of it, and likely stumbles many of God’s kids. If you are a genuine minister of The Lord you will do everything necessary to protect God’s kids. If DTS truly cares about being scriptural and doxological, they will promptly remove these materials.

    2. Carol

      Chuck Swindoll, the top leader of DTS, endorses The Shack and other New Age authors who DO promote the far-eastern mysticism discussed. If DTS does not embrace such, why even use the same jargon? Why aren’t they concerned that others may be deceived into thinking that DTS embraces this demonic doctrine? Why isn’t DTS concerned that they may unintentionally lead others into it——unless it IS intentional. (I also attended DTS and was shocked and distressed years ago. I also spoke with Swindoll’s chief pastor for an hour. He was very defensive about following contemplative in the far-eastern sense, saying that so many churches have this—placing brochures about it on tables, etc.). When I quoted Scripture. “Though we or an angel of light preach any other gospel…” he fell into a silence and then became very agitated—-as he did whenever I quoted Scripture.

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