EmergentWatch and Friends Falsely Accused of “Slander”

This article is written in response to the unwarranted attack upon my friend Eric Stuckey, by Holland Davis [Calvary Chapel San Clemente] in his FB article posted 6/2/2017, entitled: “EMERGENT WATCH OR EMERGENT SLANDER?See: https://www.facebook.com/hollanddavis/posts/10212281628851463

First of all, Eric Stuckey is not the owner of the EmergentWatch blog, nor did he write the article exposing the “Pastors Together” group. Eric only posted or “shared” it on his Facebook timeline. Eric is most certainly not guilty of anything, particularly regarding the EW blog. He is now being falsely accused by Davis for “slander” and for allegedly lying.

Eric had only been involved initially with my EW blog, was listed as an admin. (not an owner”) and wrote only two articles, none of which criticized anyone. He has not been involved, or written anything since then – over 3 years ago. Eric wrote only two articles for the EW blog, in the first months of it’s creation.

1- “Noting the Dividers and Offenders“, on 11/16/2013, wherein he shows the biblical precedents for naming names of those involved in false teachings. 2- “Biblical Outreaches” of 12/17/2013. Neither of these articles had anything to do with Holland Davis or the PT group.

I have stated publicly on several occasions on my Facebook page that I -Mark Jefferies – am the writer of the posts on EmergentWatch, and the creator of the related videos on You Tube, formerly under the screen name 4Philemon.

It was after careful research that the “Pastors Together“, of 1/24/2016 post was posted. It was based on publicly available screen captured evidence which is now a matter of public record. I posted 2 posts in early 2016 on Holland Davis and the PT group: 1- 1/24/2016 – https://emergentwatch.com/2016/01/24/pastors-together-a-fellowship-of-errors/ 

2- The EW post of 3/26/2016 on HD & his “Pastors Together” group was simply a posting of my You Tube video, “Pastors Together – Together in Ecumenical Apostasy“. https://emergentwatch.com/2016/03/26/pastors-together-together-in-ecumenical-apostasy/

I did not personally slander Holland. I did surmise from the available data, that Holland “appeared to be” the leader of the PT group, as he is the one actively promoting it on social media. I also did point out his reposting of an IHOP post that was highly questionable, and this post has since been removed from his page.

I stand behind my research in these posts. It is a matter of historical record, as the screen captured documentation remains valid. How screen captured documentation can be interpreted as “slander” is beyond me.

Although the PT group page has removed the “What we Believe” page – that linked them to the ecumenical Lausanne Covenant has been removed, it appears that all of the same churches that were involved at the time I wrote the blog piece are still currently involved. 

Rather than be accountable to the public for their actions and statements, some here have misused Matt. 18, in an attempt to intimidate believers into silence. This is an abuse of pastoral authority, and disingenuous to say the least.

PS: Note that some of the people in positions of power, whose unbiblical activities have been exposed by EmergentWatch are apparently now feeling threatened enough that they will resort to these false accusations; Even enlisting the help of as many supporters as they can, in an attempt to discredit and silence EmergentWatch – so they can continue their activities without fear of exposure. Again, the documentation on this blog speaks for itself.


6 thoughts on “EmergentWatch and Friends Falsely Accused of “Slander”

  1. 1blandina

    We are to mark false teachers, name names (which even Paul did), and warn the flock about them and against their false teachings and practices:

    “Now I urge you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and obstacles that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Turn away from them. For such as these are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.” Romans 16; 17-18

    Note that it is the false teachers that are creating the division by their false teaching, not the believers for pointing out their errors in order to warn and protect the flock.

    We are to refute false teaching, exhort the flock, and uphold solid Biblical doctrine…

    On this basis (and many more bible verses), we fulfill our discernment ministry given to us by the Lord, and none will silence us.

    1. Thank you sister. And it should be known that I did not accuse Holland Davis of false teaching. My concern was that his, and two other Calvary Chapels are joining in ecumenical events with aberrant, even apostate churches – and that this effectively legitimatizes those churches and may stumble many people. The documentation shared in my posts speaks for itself. To this day, there has been no explanation as to WHY these Calvary churches are participating in these ecumenical events. Instead, Emergent Watch and it’s friends are attacked and falsely accused.

      1. 1blandina

        Right, it does delegitamize them because we are not to associate with false teachers and ecumenical events are filled with them. You have judged rightly (and your friend) and they have judged wrongly because what you (or he) claimed is true, but what they are claiming about you guys is false and that makes them guilty of slander and you guys ‘guilty’ of reporting the true facts (like reporters on the news do, or at least they should be doing). You guys are doing what you are supposed to do as we are called to expose them, and they are attacking you for that. That is what the enemy does and it is never a picnic.

        Thanks for your ministry and keep fighting the good fight!
        God bless!

      2. Thank you, and yes – if you read the article, there is no real substance to the claims made, nothing to actually refute the documentation – only personal attacks, and then bible verses that really have no legitimate application.

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