Brian Brodersen Now Promoting Contemplative Mysticism

Calvary Costa Mesa’s Brian Brodersen – via his Creation Fest – appears to be working in an active, continual partnership with the Church of England. On their Social media pages, CFest has had LIVE Q&A sessions with Tim Thornton – [COE] Bishop of Truro [Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary]; And, on April 26th, CFest posted “The Official Common Worship App” from the Church of England, for anyone to download. Bishop Thornton has also been a frequent speaker at various CFest events.

The CFest 2017 will feature contemplative advocate Kay Arthur. See: And also:

The Big news is that Brian Brodersen’s CFest is now an active participant & promoter of the COE’s “Thy Kingdom Come” [TKC] ecumenical prayer event, to be held at the Truro Cathedral, May 28th, 2017 – and “Hosted by Creation Fest UK“. Their Facebook post of May 10th states: “JOIN US in prayer with an afternoon of events at the majestic Truro Cathedral as part of the global Thy Kingdom Come prayer initiative.”

The COE’s Truro Cathedral FB page post of May 10, 2017 specifically identifies the Thy Kingdom Come event to be held there on May 28, as “Creation Fest UK’s event“. [See links & screen captures]

Truro Cathedral’s FB page events post declares: “Join the worldwide initiative to pray – in partnership with the Diocese of Truro, Churches Together in Cornwall and Creation Fest“.


And see:

And see:

The TKC events are billed as a series of “Prayer” events, but are thoroughly contemplative. Included in the TKC materials are instructions for activities for individuals, families, churches and children, that include, amongst other things:

  • Lectio Divina
  • Labyrinth walking
  • Prayer Stations
  • Breath Prayers
  • Sitting in silence for extended periods
  • Taize Worship (w/ candles & music)
  • Symbolic (ritualistic) body movements, hand signs etc. – called “Prayer Games

Also, many of these practices are combined and executed together. Then, there are many “activities” designed for children, specifically to engage their senses and activate their imagination. Teaching them God’s Word does not seem to be one of these activities.

NOTE that most of these activities are designed to put one into an altered state of consciousness. It is well known that altered states render one susceptible to occultic spiritual (demonic) influences. These forces can subtly influence one towards anti-biblical beliefs and into further occultic practices.

The TKC “Facilitator’s Guidebook” indicates it was written by the contemplative monks of the Society of St. John the Evangelist [] These monks host regular contemplative retreats at their facilities. See

One of the handouts – “Praying the 11 prayers of Thy Kingdom Come” – Like the schedule for the daily prayers that end in Taize contemplation, so the prayers of Thy Kingdom Come end with:

[9:] “Celebration” – using the occultic statement: “Everything and everyone we meet is sacred and charged with God’s Glory” [10:] “Silence – contemplation“; [11:] Saying “I do this in God’s name“…

To summarize: Note that Brian Brodersen, as the Executive Director of the Creation Fest UK – is directly responsible for it’s activities. It has been demonstrated that the Thy Kingdom Come activities are based on contemplative, consciousness altering practices. Brodersen’s CFest FB page shows us CFest is hosting the event, and the COE’s Truro Cathedral FB page states that the May 28th event is “Creation Fest UK’s event”. For Brodersen and company to try to deny or claim ignorance of the contemplative factors being promoted here would be useless. BB is not simply reposting or liking posts by known contemplatives – He is now, himself now an active promoter of contemplative mysticism.

[NOTE: The links herein may be deleted by BB and co. after this article appears. This is why screen captured documentation is important.]

Also – All of documentation/ screen captures are now available for enlarged viewing on a separate page @



8 thoughts on “Brian Brodersen Now Promoting Contemplative Mysticism

  1. 1blandina

    One more brick in the road paved towards the antichrist kingdom.

    This is the deal; the church has been infiltrated by new age wolves.
    They want a one world government, religion, and economy.
    They will tell you anything to get you to buy in. (less people to do away with later who resist; see Revelation 12; 11, this is called persecution and martyrdom for the saints)

    So they mask all their goals to the church in Christian terms.

    They sidestep bible prophecy about the end times and move right into
    ‘thy kingdom come.’ They pray that ‘the church may be one.’ It
    sounds biblical to the amateur, but it’s not. Anyone pointing out the truth of what the bible teaches is called ‘divisive’ and a ‘troublemaker.’ (Yes, it should be divisive! Jesus came to divide; see Matthew 10; 34 onward.) You will be ostracized and called ‘judgmental,’ etc.

    It’s the antichrist kingdom spoken of in Revelation 13.
    Instead of joining with apostates, they call it ‘ecumenical unity.’
    Instead of the one world government under antichrist, they call it ‘bringing in the kingdom.’ Only they forget that Jesus has not returned yet, but an imposter is on stage.
    Instead of embracing sin and the culture of the world to ‘win the lost,’ (as if that would work), they call it ‘God doing something new, the emergent church, etc.’
    Instead of pagan mysticism, they call it ‘contemplative practices.’
    Instead of a golden calf festival of abominations, they call it ‘revival!’
    Instead of the new age concept of ‘oneness’ and ‘pantheism’ (divinity of everything; i.e. ‘it’s all god’), they call it ‘the sacredness of everything and everyone’ or ‘divinity within,’ etc. but it’s satan’s lie from the garden of eden that ‘you too… can become god!’

    It’s all been repackaged in ‘Christianese’ and the gullible swallow it all without biblical scrutiny and discernment. Holding their breath for the early escape.

    Watch and pray so that you will not be deceived.

    1. Yes – Just like the New Age movement repackaged and relabeled the occult, so the counterfeit church has done with New Age concepts and practices. This is a big “brick in the road” – as Calvary Chapel used to be a stalwart bible-believing church. Calvary Costa Mesa, the “mother church” – led by Brian Brodersen – has now crossed the threshold, and is actively promoting dangerous contemplative practices. Though many of us knew it was only a matter of time, still, for those who are not desensitized – it is shocking to see this happening. Words fail to describe the emotions.

      1. 1blandina

        Yes, that sums it up well.

        And there is no church now that is not drowning in the apostasy.
        It is so hard to find any real fellowship.

        God bless!

      2. There’s still some decent bible-teaching churches out there, but they’re getting harder & harder to find. There are still some Calvary pastors who haven’t drank the cool-aid; But I believe in the future we’ll see more home fellowships and small group ministries. The Industrio-Corporate churches are toast – They’re all either emergent, contemplative, “purpose-driven”, or otherwise user-friendly, etc.

  2. Linda Eastman

    I belong to a small fellowship that was Bretheren but now I would say is apostolic / evangelical. They (the leadership) are promoting creation fest Cornwall big time! And have done for 4 years now. They are also big supporters of YWAM – Should I be concerned about this?

    1. I would be very concerned. Been trying to warn people about YWAM and Brodersen’s ‘Creation Fest’ [UK] for some time now. YWAM is particularly bad, and is openly partnering with IHOP.KC (Kansas City) which is full of occultic/ new age doctrines & practices.

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