The False Gospel of Ryan Ries

Ryan Ries, of The Whosoevers – his ministry, his presentation of the Gospel, and his claims of a “95%” conversion rate – are examined in this all new video – taken from recent Whosoever event footage.

What is wrong with the message of Ryan and the Whosoevers?

1] The kids are drawn by the allure of a free concert, free merchandise and free pizza. See 2Peter 2:18

2] Ryan’s message is centered on his own “testimony”, wherein he glorifies the flesh, and his rock & roll lifestyle.

3] Rather than even mention sin or repentance, Ryan teaches there is “a void” in your life”, and that apparently, you simply need to add Jesus to your life.

4] He calls Christ a “punk” rocker, and compares the disciples to “gangsters”.

5] Rather that directing his listeners to the Word of God, he encourages them to pray, and then listen for a response from God. This is advocating extra-biblical experiential, mystical revelations.

6] He does repeated plugs for his own ministry throughout his message.

7] Ryan makes false claims – that he preaches the Cross, and that he has a “95%” conversion rate at all his events.

The big question: Is Ryan making disciples of Christ, of simply followers of the Whosoevers?



2 thoughts on “The False Gospel of Ryan Ries

  1. 1blandina

    They are promoting a false Jesus, one who sinners would be comfortable with, without ever feeling the need to repent and convert. And that is the Jesus who can’t save you. The true Jesus calls you to repentance and salvation from sin and discipleship (a Christian is a disciple, the Bible explains how disciples were first called Christians in Antioch, so you were not a Christian unless you were a disciple), and separation from the sinful culture of the world. To be ‘in the world but not of the world’ is the true test of discipleship since you are surrounded by the world but you resist its ways and do not conform to the world but rather to the image of Christ in all holiness and obedience to the Lord. Those who deny this have embraced a false gospel.

  2. myviasoapopera

    Not sure if Ries is preaching a false gospel or not, but I heard him preaching some weird, made up stuff this evening on the radio. He was speaking on the sick man that was laying by the pool at Bethsada in John 5. He was claiming that the man was sick because he probably had an std “from hooking up with a man or maybe a woman.” Um, what? Nowhere does the word suggest any reason why the man was sick. To add this ridiculous, foolishness leaves me very nervous about trusting anything this man might say.

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