Brian Brodersen’s Creation Fest – Live ‘Teaching Event’ with Anglican Bishop

On Monday March 13, 2017 – Brian Brodersen’s Creation Fest posted on Twitter, announcing their upcoming live Facebook event, “Life Lessons from the Bible”. The event features the Anglican (Church of England) Bishop of Truro, Tim Thornton.  The post beckons, “Tune in and talk, text, tweet, AND *LEARN WITH @Bishop Truro and Steve Wild”. Thornton is also known as “Lord Spiritual”, and has been a member of the House of Lords since 2013.

Aside from from Brodersen’s open endorsement (on 4/14/2016) of Nicky Gumbel and his contemplative “Alpha” – this is his most brazen ecumenical move – even his boldest, since splitting from the CCA back in November. If anyone has any lingering doubts about Brodersen and the direction he intends to take his Calvary Chapel, they need to contemplate this.

As EmergentWatch has documented over the last 3 1/2 years, Brian Brodersen, via his Creation Fest – has been in a semi-hidden ecumenical partnership with many aberrant churches in the UK – particularly the Anglican Church of England. The COE and Rome recently solidified their partnership with a new “Common Declaration” between Pope Francis and Archbishop Justin Welby on Oct. 6, 2016.

This should be a huge red flag to the church of the state of the ongoing apostasy – That things are getting very late. How bad does Brodersen have to get- does he have to burn incense to Ba’al before people are alarmed? Christians are herein advised to mark Brodersen and his partners, and to separate themselves from this ecumenical apostasy.  He is most certainly in grave error and is now beyond accountability, and possibly beyond correction.


For more on Brodersen and his “Creation Fest” see:

And see:





2 thoughts on “Brian Brodersen’s Creation Fest – Live ‘Teaching Event’ with Anglican Bishop

  1. shortpolock

    Brodersen stated from the pulpit about 3 yrs ago he doesn’t care if you call him ecumenical, because he is. He doesn’t care or have much concern if people call him emergent because most people don’t understand what it means. So, yeah, if parishioners have a problem with him now they’ve had plenty of warning heretofore.

    1. Brian has tried to conceal his ecumenical activities in his UK Creation Fest. Most of the folk in the US Calvary Chapels are unaware of what he does overseas. He has cleverly, gradually leaked info so as to systematically acclimate CC’s in America. Yes, he has made several very revealing statements, yet still, most remain unaware. Far too many sheep are sleepwalking… blindly trusting in an unaccountable leadership that is leading them into an ecumenical trap, and into contemplative mysticism.

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