Another Look at Brian Brodersen, ‘Creation Fest’ and their Ecumenical Ties

In case you’ve haven’t seen this, or were unable to connect the dots on my previous video presentations of the documentation on Brian Brodersen’s “Creation Fest” [UK] and it’s ecumenical links – Here is the connection simplified – in a few simple JPEG images.


Brodersen’s “Creation Fest” and the UK churches it partnerships with are all members of the Evangelical Alliance – EU.UK.

uk-calvary members-of-ea-uk

The EU.UK is essentially run by Archbishop (of Canterbury) Justin Welby’s Anglican Communion; And Welby and Pope Francis are good friends. See


Also see:

 The Anglican church is also hugely involved in the practice and promotion of contemplative mysticism. Nickey Gumbel, of Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) – an Anglican church that was the European home of the “Laughing Revival” – is also a friend of the Pope. HTB’s contemplative “Alpha” organization is also a member of the EA.UK.


Brodersen’s Creation Fest has used Anglican (“Church of England”) speakers at it’s events.


Brodersen’s Ecumenicism bodes ill for the future of his “Calvary Chapel Global Network”.

>> NOTE: Under the direction of Calvary Costa Mesa’s Brian Brodersen – People who make professions of faith at Creation Fest events are given into the hands of the churches that have ‘partnered’ with the CF – Which includes Catholic, Anglican and other churches!


Also see:


 and recently, see:


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