IHOP’s “OneThing”, Catholic Track and Ecumenical Apostasy

The final event of this year’s ecumenical extravaganzas is the “One Thing 2016” Conference, held by IHOP Kansas City from 12/28-31. One Thing is being billed as the successor to the Azusa Now and Together 2015 events – And has been organized by many of the same people and groups. IHOP.KC and Bethel Bill Johnson gather with Catholics to “Encounter” God, and to “deepen of our understanding of God’s prophetic voice speaking throughout the whole Church. To create an exchange of experiences in our walk with Christ in order to come to the unity of all Christians, as Jesus and Pope Francis call us into.” See http://www.ihopkc.org/onething/


One Thing Features : Mike Bickle, Bill Johnson, Todd White, Matt Maher, Audrey Assad, Misty Edwards & Bethel Music artists. Their promo vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUqvR666Prs says, “As the great darkness increases, we have confidence the greatest revival in human history is emerging right now in the nations. We are living in that very generation that David and Isaiah prophesied!”

But contrary to an alleged “revival”, what is predicted in the Bible for our present time is nothing other than a great apostasy [2Thes. 2:3] – an apostasy that will culminate in the merging of false Christianity with other religions, into a mystical, experiential religion. This counterfeit faith will be seemingly confirmed to those deceived – those who do not stand in and upon God’s Word – through deception with “all power, signs, and lying wonders“.


NOTE  that the entire conference is built around the theme of “encountering” God via worship “experiences” and especially through contemplative practices. http://majorchange.org/onething#kchistory One of the partnered organizations: MajorChange.org says: “We do not look to the past with some kind of spiritual nostalgia but we move forward toward ever new encounters with Jesus… a small step toward ecumenical unity by meeting our fellow Christians and participating in the common times of prayer..”

The Catholic Ecumenical Track will include: modeling IHOP-KC’s “Singing Lectio Divina”… Chanting Liturgy of the Hours. New Years’ Mass and Adoration with Taize chants, Complete, Singing Lectio Divina and chanted Night Prayer…”  http://majorchange.org/onething#schedule

cattrack-conprayer2And, of course, lastly – no proper conference would be complete with a plea for money, and lots of it!


We would do well to remember the warnings of Paul the apostle:



2 thoughts on “IHOP’s “OneThing”, Catholic Track and Ecumenical Apostasy

  1. Jan

    Mike Bickle is a rampant occultist He has been channeling the same satanic realm revelations as occultist Jane Lead 17th century. Her “Wars of David” are the same as Bickles’ “Davidic Wars” in the Church today. The move is to eradicate those that go against the “spirit” This is a false Rhema in the Church and is making the Church militant, mystical and ecumenical. The Logos followers are now considered the Enemy and occultic Rick Joyner has called for a Civil war in the Church against the Sauls. (Non spirit people) The Charismatic church considers themselves the “Davids” the revelation people. The Charismatic church is saturated with occultism and is a Path to the Harlot Church.

    Also, Bickles’ “Elijah List” is the same as the New Age ‘spirit of Elijah” a militant group that Jane Lead predicted would arise to ‘cleanse’ the (false) church of ‘unbelievers” (believers!)
    BIckle’s Open Heaven is identical to the New Age of Ascension. His “Feast of Tabernacles, a worldwide celebration is identical to the occultic Planetary Pentecost. BIckle also says that ‘we must experience a manifestation of “Jesus” to promote servanthood and obedience. Really? Jesus said to search the SCRIPTURES because they testify of Him! Jesus also warned of signs and wonders in the last days. Bickle is truly an agent for ‘doctrines of demons’ in the Church I and II Timothy 4

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