Brian Brodersen Continually Promoting Aberrant Teachers

In examining Brian’s Twitter page, one notes his popularity – that he has 9,600+ followers and 4,500+ “likes”. When a prominent and powerful Calvary Chapel pastor like Brian Brodersen Retweets another teacher’s sayings (quotes) or teaching materials, etc., it is no small matter. Brian is factually, greatly influencing thousands with his social media posts.

These “Retweets” are not just simply casual sharing, but are in fact endorsements. For someone in a position like BB to repost/ retweet aberrant teachers like Eugene Peterson or Tim Keller – Both of whom are documented advocates of contemplative mysticism – this amounts to not only endorsing, but factually promoting these false teachers.


The fact that, in just the last five months, Brian has retweeted some of these teachers multiple times, indicates an intentional ongoing promotion of these teachers.


If Brian actually honors and abides by the Calvary Chapel Distinctives, as he’s recently claimed, WHY are there no quotes by Pastor Chuck. Why are there no citations of any CC materials? Of all the teachers he could quote, WHY is Brodersen repeatedly promoting these men?



 Since June 18, 2016 BB retweeted these aberrant teachers

30X – Sarah Yardley (ecumenicist; BB’s CreationFest coordinator)

18X – Eugene Peterson (contemplative advocate)

11X – Timothy Keller (contemplative advocate)

4X – Philip Nation (contemplative advocate)

4X – Ed Stetzer (Chrislam)

4X – Nicky Gumbel (Anglican contemplative advocate)

2X – Mark Driscoll (contemplative advocate)

Apparently random reposts include, amongst others: Justin Welby, the [Anglican] Archbishop of Canterbury; and the heretical Catholic contemplative advocate -Thomas Merton!


[NOTE: BB’s Twitter page only goes back as far as June 18, 2016, So, from that point, till Nov. 30, 2016 was surveyed]

[NOTE: If anyone questions Keller’s contemplative advocacy, one need only search with the terms: “Timothy Keller + contemplative”; He was in fact teaching it to his own flock!]



3 thoughts on “Brian Brodersen Continually Promoting Aberrant Teachers

  1. Thanks for posting this. I had no idea what was really happening, but this pretty much sums it up. I did gobs of research on the Emergent church about 7 years ago. This couldn’t be clearer. Praying for the folks at CC to continue on in the Lord and His truth.

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