Big Lies That Matter

In a video Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa posted on 11/21/2016 – Brian Brodersen tries to legitimatize his apostasy by linking it to the history and origins of CCCM, and to Pastor Chuck Smith. Then he openly solicits churches and pastors, using the lure of Calvary Chapel’s hijacked resources. While claiming that there will be no leadership structure to his “network”, he reveals that it will in fact be led by himself and his “little team”.

The following is a transcript of the video : entitled: Things That Matter Episode 20 – Defining Calvary Chapel Global Network


Josh Turansky [JT]: “We wanna talk about this new thing, Calvary Chapel Global Network [CCGN]. Just a couple of weeks ago you resigned from the Calvary Chapel Association (CCA) [1], and you explained that very clearly. And you talked about starting this new network. We’ve got alotta questions about that,  so let’s talk through it, and explain it.”

Brian Brodersen [BB] : ” Yep, let’s do it, yeah… So, well… yeah, so in my, you know, resignation letter [2]. um, I – I made it clear that I still felt very much that God was, you know, leading us – ah, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa… um, as He has been doing, you know, for the past fifty years now – He’s, you know, leading us to continue to advance forward in ministry, you know – to spearhead new things. And, and so forth, and so – I just… I recognize there are some people out there that really appreciate, you know – the history here, ah… of course the ministry of Pastor Chuck. There are some people who look and see… you know – I’m just continuing what Pastor Chuck began. – And, I think they want to be, you know, partnered with that, to some degree – So… ah, the CC Global Network is a way that people are going to be able to do that.”

JT: “Ok, so there’s lots of questions that people have… how bout we break it down like this: Let’s talk about CC and why it’s global and what it means for it to be a network. So, when you say that it’s Calvary Chapel, what does that mean”?

BB: “Well… WE are Calvary Chapel – And when I resigned from, from CCA, there were some questions – Like, are you guys still Calvary Chapel? I just remind people – Yes, WE ARE Calvary Chapel – *WE ARE THE ORIGINAL Calvary Chapel. We have always been Calvary Chapel. We will never be anything but Calvary Chapel. So – Calvary Chapel are who we’ve been historically – NOTHING’S CHANGED as far as our doctrinal position – We are, ah, essentially, THE SAME AS WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN in that regard. And I’ve… you know, I just think that obviously that’s an important thing for people to know, because – you know, we are known for, ah – a particular doctrinal perspective on things, and we – we”ll maintain that, fully.”

JT: “And so – it’s evangelical, and it pulls from those Calvary Chapel roots – this network that’s being started…”

BB: “Yep… absolutely.”

JT: “So, why is it global?”

 BB: “Well Josh, it’s global because we have, you know, been involved in global ministry for a long, long, long time… and, ah – as a church we’ve been doing that – I, myself have been very involved on a global level for many years, and ah – you know we’re connected globally – [3] *WE HAVE conference centers, we have educational facilities, ah – we do major outreaches in different countries. So we have alot of things, ah… happening all over the world, and ah, we’re going to continue to do. um… minister in the places we have been, and are – and we’re going to continue to look for to, you know, lead us into new, ah, global areas of ministry as well. And, because we are connected with people – you know, globally, ah, we will want them to know [4] that they have this connection with us. And we also want to welcome others from around the globe to be part of the network, if they would like to do that.” [@ 4min.]

JT: “So let’s talk about the network aspect of it – what does that mean?”

BB: “So, the network, um… you know, I, I, it’s just, for lack of a better term, I guess – it’s just a way of describing – you know, being connected with like-minded men and women in ministry. Um… being connected through conferences, being connected through evangel- istic outreaches, being connected [note] THROUGH, [5] *RESOURCES THAT WE WOULD MAKE AVAILABLE, being connected through information that’s passed on through, um – our hub, which would be And, you know, just ENJOYING THAT, um… connectiveness – WITHOUT THE MORE *RESTRICTIVE KINDA THING that comes along sometimes with an association or with an affiliation. So it’s not an association. it’s not an affiliation. It’s just a really more organic… it’s, [6] it’s a CONNECTING OVER A *SHARED VISION, REALLY.” [@APX. 4:58]

JT: “So, who will it work for people to be a part of the network? Who’s in, how do you join the network?”

BB: “yea… as we kinda stated this in a letter that we sent out, but – For anybody that’s currently on our, ah, church locator database – at – Anybody that’s there now, [NOTE] THEY ARE GRANDFATHERED IN *AUTOMATICALLY [7] to the network. If they don’t want to be part of the network, THEN ALL THEY CAN DO is just, you know, send us -ah, an email, and inform us that they’d like to be removed, and – you know, we’ll happily do that. So, if you’re there, you’re already in the network, and if you’re, um… outside, and you’re wanting to get into the network… What we’re working on Josh is a… it’s just a simple process of people being able to connect – you know just a statement of faith that people would agree to, and then, um… you know, just a, um… a little bit of, ah – information… you know, filling out some information – So we can take the information and then put it up on the site. And, of course, what we’re talking about here on the network is, we’re talking about churches. So churches are connected… THE PASTOR and the church would be connected. Individual people can [5B] SURELY BENEFIT from what we will be doing, as far as information that goes out – *RESOURCES – outreaches, conferences – individuals can certainly BENEFIT FROM THAT – but, I, um… you know – the network will certainly be a network of churches, worldwide. [Here @6:28 min.]

JT: “How will the leadership work for this network? a lot of people in Calvary Chapel are familiar with the CCA, which has had like a council. Um… What are you looking at in terms of this network.?

BB: “Yea… again, it’ll be very organic. There won’t be actually a… a leadership structure like that. Um… you know, OBVIOUSLY I’M WORKING WITH [8] *SOME CLOSE FRIENDS – guys that we’ve been in ministry for years together – and WE’RE JUST PUTTING THOUGHTS TOGETHER ABOUT WHAT WE WANT THIS TO LOOK LIKE. Um… AND OF COURSE [NOTE] THE NECESSITY OF THIS BEING *BEHIND THE SCENES, you know – TO DO THAT. And, even when it come to content, WE WILL HAVE A LITTLE TEAM, kind of contributes, and also monitors content of what we do. Um… but we’re just, you know, there’s no council, no directors, no regional structure… we’re just counting on, you know, the more organic thing…” [End trans. here @ apx. 7:30 min.]


NOTE Brian’s emphasis: “WE ARE Calvary Chapel, WE ARE THE ORIGINAL Calvary Chapel. We have always been Calvary Chapel. We will never be anything but Calvary Chapel. So – Calvary Chapel are who we’ve been historically – NOTHING’S CHANGED…”

Nothing – EXCEPT for the fact that : 1st – Brodersen has been endorsing, partnering with, and doing ecumenical “outreaches” with aberrant, even apostate churches and ministries for years. [as has documented for over 3 years]

1] BB has refused correction and accountability from his brethren in the CCA – the leadership body Pastor Chuck approved.

2] Brian and his board at CCCM have departed from the organization that Pastor Chuck approved as the only legitimate leadership structure for the CC movement in the future.

3] They have hijacked the resources that were intended to serve those churches affiliated with the CCA.

4] They have set up the counterfeit “Calvary Chapel Global Network”, using the resources intended to serve CCA affiliates.

5] They are soliciting Calvary Chapel churches and pastors with the lure of using those resources and information.

6] Their intent appears to be the use of the aforementioned resources to create a global *ECUMENICAL structure – based on a ambiguous “Shared Vision”.

7] The “Global Network” – while purportedly will having no leadership structure, will in fact be steered by Brian Brodersen and his “Little Team” (of yes men) that “contributes and also monitors” everything!

Brian & co. are seeking to build a new global ecumenical network, that will resemble the original “Calvary Chapel” in name only.


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