Brian Brodersen Soliciting Pastors For His New Global Order

On Wed. 11/23/2016 – Calvary posted an article, written by Brian Brodersen or one of his crew, entitled, “Calvary Chapel Global Network”. See


NOTE Brian’s ecumenical intentions: “During our conferences, we will not only hear from many encouraging voices from within the Calvary Chapel family, but will also have the opportunity to be blessed by OTHERS FROM A VARIETY OF DIFFERENT evangelical backgrounds.” And he emphasizes, “the value of having OTHER VOICES than our own speaking to us.”

Brian is coming out of his ecumenical closet. So imagine the likes of Francis Chan, Tim Keller or even Hillsong’s Carl Lentz at a “Calvary Chapel” conference? If Brodersen’s Retweets are any indication of his potential theological leanings, get ready for even worse. This graphic is of screen captures for one month: From July 23 to Aug. 22nd of this year!


Brodersen is herein openly soliciting for his new “Network” in this article: “What does it mean to be part of the Calvary Chapel Global Network? It means fellowship, being connected…” and of course, the benefits of having access to CCCM resources and facilities.

He is luring pastors – promising them “Freedom”, and that, “There will be no formal affiliation process nor will there be overseers…” Lastly, Brian says, “The vision of CCGN is one of FREEDOM”. Some “spirit” is indeed “leading us to use in our particular time and cultural setting” – i.e., to be ecumenical and ‘culturally relevant’, and seeker-friendly.

I am reminded of two verses here: 2Pet. 2:18-19 – “When they speak great swelling words of emptiness, they allure through the lusts of the flesh… While THEY PROMISE THEM LIBERTY, they themselves are slaves of corruption…” And: “…also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, TO DRAW AWAY FOLLOWERS AFTER THEMSELVES!” -Acts 20:30

After his ties to the heretical Anglican Holy Trinity Brompton were exposed – See Brian con- fessed, “Some have accused me of being ecumenical… If that is the charge, I am guilty.” With this in mind, we can likely look forward to a CCCM/ CCGN partnership with TBN and many other aberrant groups.


With Brodersen now openly proclaiming of himself and those who align with him: “WE ARE Calvary Chapel” – One has to wonder, if it’s only a matter of time – [as BB & CCCM legally owns the CC NAME & Logo] till he sues to force the CCA churches to change their names & logos.

As you give thanks this season, PLEASE PRAY for the Calvary Chapel movement and for it’s scatted sheep. Pray for genuine unity, based on TRUTH, and not the counterfeit “unity” of ecumenicism, and for separation from error and falsehood.


One thought on “Brian Brodersen Soliciting Pastors For His New Global Order

  1. This is what happened to the AoG a few years back – their churches were changed to ‘New Life’ churches ( I guess they wanted to cut themselves free of the past). The language changes as well doesn’t it? Being ‘connected’ is one of their favourites ….. One after another the old true Gospel -preaching denominations are falling – who’d ‘ve thought eh? Yet another Bible prophecy being fulfilled !

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