On Future Leadership – Calvary Chapel 2012 Pastor’s Conference

It is informative that at this (2012) conference, Greg Laurie notes that Pastor Chuck had NOT publicly name his successor for leadership of Calvary Costa Mesa. Although Brodersen comes out and names himself as that successor, Pastor Chuck does NOT confirm this, but rather says: ”

“I believe that the Bible teaches that Christ is the head of the body – His church. That is what needs to be emphasized and realized that it isn’t a person, it isn’t an individual, but it is submission to Jesus Christ, and if we can do that, we’re gonna go forward. I think that, as I was talking with some of these fellows – and we’re going to be having a time – I’m going to be calling the fellows together that have been with us almost from the beginning. Some of the guys that God has already demonstrated their leadership capacity – we’re gonna have a time of just prayer, fasting, waiting on the Lord, and just getting, hopefully, from The Lord, his direction for the future of Calvary Chapel. As far as leadership is concerned, I do see it as a multiple kind of a leadership, NOT AN INDIVIDUALAnd I do believe that Jesus, again, is the true leader, and he’s the one we want to follow.”



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