Calvary Chapel’s Brian Brodersen: His Influence and control

“There is nothing covered that won’t be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known. Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have spoken in the ear in inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops!” – Luke 12:2-3

 The claim that Calvary Chapel affiliates are all independent, that none exerts any significant influence on the others, is not true. Calvary Costa Mesa was the beginning of the Calvary Chapel movement, and was known as “Big Calvary”.

CCCM has been, and still is, to a large degree, perceived as the center of the Calvary Chapel movement. Out of CCCM have come the Calvary Chapel Education Association [CCEA, of which Brian Brodersen is the president]; CC Bible Collages, Veritas Seminary and more. As the movement grew and the number of affiliates expanded, Costa mesa and it’s administrators, acquired many properties for use as conference centers, bible collages, etc.

To demonstrate the influence and control that Brodersen and CCCM have on the other affiliates, EW media has made a list of the presently known assets that are controlled, to a significant degree, by Brian and his appointed board.

The problem with Brian Brodersen and the amount of influence and control he has, is that he has been steering CCCM – and those who follow him – away from biblical foundations. Brian’s seeker-friendly and ecumenical escapades have been extensively documented for over the past 3 years. Now that he has resigned from the CCA, the power struggles are really just beginning.


5 thoughts on “Calvary Chapel’s Brian Brodersen: His Influence and control

  1. Brandon

    Do you have any evidence of the claims you make in the last paragraph?… Moving away from biblical foundations, ecumenical escapades?

  2. pat

    In England I have been following B Brodersens links /promotions with ecumenical Alpha Courses, eg Nicky Gumbel. BB’s Creationfest here is linking up with ecumenical Premier Radio, and charismatic churches

    1. pat

      I was also flaberghasted when he appauded ‘pastor Rick Warrens peace plan’ as being ‘its very good’, on Premieer Radio here, while teaching. (The PEACE plan has no room for an E – for evangelism.)

      1. Interesting… If you see (or hear) stuff like that, it’s good to get some kind of documentation. Screen captures are essential, prima facia evidence.
        To many times videos, web pages, etc. have been removed after attention was drawn to some problem. Get hard copy with date/ time stamp.

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