Calvary Chapel Europe Leader Joining hands with Catholics and TBN Leaders!


On Sunday 9/4/2016, a Facebook friend alerted me to a FB post by Calvary Chapel pastor Phil Metzger, who heads up CC Golgota in Hungary, and is also is the *Director of the CC [Europe] Bible College and Conference Center. Metzger’s post shows him and his wife linking arms and smiling – with Matt and Laurie Crouch, who now lead TBN. [see photo] The caption reads in part, “Having a wonderful day making new friends…!”


The first comment Metzger got said, “If you’re not aware, TBN has a horrible reputation in the U.S. They feature quite a few false teachers and are big into the prosperity gospel!” Metzger responded, saying “Posting a picture like this isn’t a stunt for me. IT’S MORE OF A DECLARATION” Knowing the potential problems with a CC partnering with TBN, and seeing that the majority of comments were approving of Metzger’s moves, I felt compelled to comment.

I wrote: “Those who preach the false “Prosperity Gospel” – like the majority do at TBN – preach a false gospel and a false “Jesus” [2Cor. 11:4] Are we not commanded to “Have NO fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them?!” -Eph. 5:11. And, “Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ does not have God…” 2Jn. 1:9. Do you not see that this would legitimatize TBN’s teachings in the eyes of many, even those you are trying to reach.”

Not only did my warning fall on deaf ears, but Metzger and his defenders (not unexpectedly) proceeded – first to divert from the real issue via “Strawman” arguments” – and then to attack me personally. Mr. Metzger refused to see that by putting a Calvary Chapel on TBN – airing right alongside horrible heretical teachings – he would confusing and even stumbling weak Christians, and those unable to discern doctrines. Some might be emboldened to follow other TBN programs. After I responded to one of those attacking me personally, Metzger blocked me from his Facebook page.

This encounter prompted me to find out more about Mr. Metzger. I had documented his fraternization with Bill Hybels back in February, where he’d posted on FB that he allowed Hybels to teach on “leadership” in his church. Hybels promotion of and even teaching his own people, contemplative mysticism is amply documented.

metzger & hybels Feb. 2016

Now even though Metzger blocked me from even viewing his Facebook page, his twitter page still reveals that::

He is actively promoting ecumenical partnerships with members of aberrant churches. In an article he did for, entitled “Why Pastors Should Partner Churches Outside Their Movement“, an attached picture shows Metzger posing with eight other men. The caption says, “The men in this picture represent the Lutheran church, the Brethren church, the Reformed Church, an evangelical Catholic and the Baptist church…”

See: Pastors Should Partner with Churches Outside Their Movement/


Metzger adds, “All across the country, the first week of the new year is dedicated to [ecumenical] prayer. Every night of that week we go to a different church, worship and pray together. It is always tremendously edifying!

 In a style reminiscent of Nick Hall or even Tony Palmer, Metzger says, We need each other for encouragement, support in outreaches, prayer and a plethora of other reasons. Most importantly, our connection to each other serves as an example to our community that Jesus is not divided. We may have different types of churches but we are of the same Spirit!

 In the highlight section entitled, “The Basis of Our UNITY”, Metzger claims, “We are unified because we love the same Jesus who is bigger than my church. We are unified because we are learning that the world benefits by different churches existing for the glory of God!

I have no gracious words to describe the enormity of this error. To say publicly, as a Calvary Chapel Senior leader, that Catholics and born-again believers are of “The SAME spirit”, and worship “The SAME Jesus” is a total betrayal of Christ Jesus and an outright abomination!

Additionally, Metzger’s articles at also reveal that he teaches “Vision Casting” See: And, apparently he also promotes uncritical acceptance of Muslim refugees in many posts on social media. See

Much like Brian Brodersen’s ecumenical compromises, via his “Creation Fest” in the UK – I doubt that most of the Calvary Chapel laity in the U.S. are aware of what is going on. Sadly, these “compromises” (if they can still be called that) have now apparently become the norm rather than the exception.


4 thoughts on “Calvary Chapel Europe Leader Joining hands with Catholics and TBN Leaders!

  1. Dena

    What do you think of Max Lucado? Is he biblically correct in his writing or does he warrent concern? I found some information on him, but wanted to check on his error and not his affiliation with others in error, but his own biblical error.

    1. Lucado has repeatedly endorsed Word-Faith heretics and contemplative mystics like Brennen Manning. In his books, he has quoted dangerous contemplatives Thomas Merton, Eugene Peterson and Richard Foster. Because he is so “Well liked” he is all the more dangerous, because many let their guard down and just assume whatever Lucado approves must be OK. See:

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