Pedro Garcia Removed From Calvary Kendall Pastorate

A recent comment on my blog has informed me that Pastor Pedro Garcia, of Calvary Kendall, has been removed from his position as head pastor, on account of : “Lifestyle issues that were not consistent with the scriptural standards…”. Not sure how long the statement has been posted, but from responses I was getting on my blog, it seems many people were unaware of what had happened. The comment on my blog says that Pedro was “caught doing drugs and abusing alcohol”. If this is true, it fits the category of “lifestyle issues” vs. other types of ‘issues’.


Pedro Garcia @Hillsong

In any case, I feel very sad for the congregation(s) of Pedro’s affiliated churches; Especially as some people weren’t even aware that (apx. 2 yrs. ago) what used to a Calvary Chapel affiliate morphed into a “Hillsong Family Church”! Also around this time – in a thoroughly un-biblical move – Pedro had his wife ordained as a co-pastor.

Pesro & Hillsong hucksters

The church statement continues: “While it is our hope that Pedro will be restored to service in ministry, Because of the disqualification for service the Board had no other choice but to remove Pedro as Senior Pastor. The Board and Staff Leadership are in agreement that this is the best course of action for the church”.

Pedro disconnected

It is my hope that the church board and leadership would realize that the ‘Best course of Action” would be to dis-affiliate from Hillsong and return to biblical foundations.

Also see my EW video here:



8 thoughts on “Pedro Garcia Removed From Calvary Kendall Pastorate

    1. That is a sneaky thing – They kept the name Calvary, and have been functioning as ‘Calvary Kendall’- when in fact they are no longer affiliated with Calvary Chapel. I talked with people who attend there and didn’t know the church had changed affiliation!

      1. Winnie

        I rewatched the link provided in the article and it clearly states that they were removed from cc assoc. it’s like the buyer beware mentality these days with churches. No integrity, no respect for truth but be tolerant of everything under the guise of love. Twisting of scripture…ugh…what a terrible state the cc’s are in these days!! Thanks for responding.

      2. To my knowledge, Calvary Kendall was not removed by the Calvary Chapel Association, but rather themselves dis-affiliated and joined the “Hillsong Family”. Yes, definitely treacherous times we live in. Come Quickly Lord Jesus!

  1. Jess

    About two years ago, Pedro Garcia was invited to a “pastor’s only” meeting at Calvary Chapel Merritt Island, and Garcia was the main speaker. And it felt way off. Cringeworthy, red flags all over. Nothing about him sat well with me at all. I felt there was a big problem with him, and I couldn’t listen to any more, and I left early. No one else seemed bothered by him. And Garcia was lifted up as the example to follow of “how to do church right”. I don’t rejoice in the fact that he has fallen. But I will say that man is lifted up way too often, when we should be lifting up the Name of Jesus, and the Word of God the Bible, and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    1. Winnie

      Tragic!! I’m glad the word of God is true where judgement will begin in the house of the Lord. I, too, do not have gratification these pastors fall.

      1. It is very tragic. My heart goes out to the poor folk caught in the middle. All of these things should be showing us we shouldn’t trust in men, but in The Lord and in His Word!

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