Calvary Chapel Affiliated People Again Promoting NAR, Dominionist Events

July 8: CC Costa Mesa’s Pastor’s Perspective radio program promoted “The Gathering” ecumenical event that features the ecumenical Nick Hall, the Vatican’s Rev. Ray Sutton, Word-Faith preachers James Robison & Robert Morris, several contemplative teachers, other assorted false teachers and CC affiliate Greg Laurie!

KWVE.PP promoting 'The Gathering' 7.7

July 13th: CC San Clemente’s Holland Davis posts major endorsement of the Together 2016 event on his Facebook, saying: “Get ready for an outpouring”, “Wish I could be there”, etc.

+Holland.D promoting 2gether 16

July 17th: CC Costa Mesa affiliated Calvary Distribution selling Nick Hall’s book promoting the Together 2016 event!

 CalDist sells Reset by Nick Hall 6.17.16

July 14th: Ryan Ries of the “Whosoevers” – who has his own nationwide radio show via CC Costa Mesa’s KWVE – posts endorsement of the “Together 2016” event on his Facebook!! This follows up Ryan’s April 11th post, showing him & friends at the heretical Azusa Now event, saying: “It was beyond epic!” <>>> HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE STUMBLED BY THIS STUFF??!! Because of these endorsements, how many people are encouraged to watch these events, thinking there is nothing wrong with them – that the speakers must all be OK? How many might even become followers of some of these false teachers because of these endorsements?!! If this isn’t apostasy and a danger to the body of Christ, I don’t know is? How far off do these people have to go before the sheep wake up??

 R.Ries promoting 2gether16 @ July 14th

Whosoevers @ Azusa NOW


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