2 thoughts on “Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa & The Whosoevers Connected to Heretical New Apostolic Reformation!!

  1. I’m new, I had a hard time on my IPhone reading info . Are you saying all Calvary Chapels are to be wrong? I attended years ago, and now I’m looking again for the right church. I live in Tucson Az. Thank you much!

    1. I’ve never said, or meant to imply that all Calvary Chapels are off. There are still many who have kept to the Word of God and to the original CC foundations. The problem is, is that some of the most influential churches/ pastors are trying to take the movement in an emergent, seeker friendly direction. It is now more critical than ever to TEST EVERYTHING, comparing it to God’s Word. See Acts 17:11 & 1Thess. 5:21

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