Pastors Together: A Fellowship of Errors

What began as a small group of South Orange County pastors meeting and praying together, has taken on a life of it’s own, as now more than 15 different churches are involved. There are now three Calvary Chapels involved, and the extended group includes two Eucharist worshiping Episcopal churches that are steeped in Catholic contemplative practices.

The participating churches are in agreement with the “What We Believe” page: Which says: “We are a multi-denominational fellowship of pastors who unite together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Because we come from varying theological backgrounds, we choose to build our fellowship on our common faith as expressed in these historic documents: *The Lausanne Covenant, The Westminster Catechism and The Nicene Creed.

PT.KEY (Alt'd ver.)

The Lausanne Covenant is well known for its ecumenical spirit and it’s perversion of the Gospel into Social Justice missions. Sections 7, “Summons us to UNITY, because our oneness strengthens our witness, just as disunity undermines…” Condemning individualism and separatism as “Sinful”, the Covenant states, “We pledge ourselves to seek a deeper unity…”; Section 8 says, “A growing partnership of churches will develop and the *universal character of Christ’s church will be more clearly exhibited.”

What seems to have escaped much attention in the Covenant is section 13 – “Freedom and Persecution” The 2nd paragraph states: “We therefore pray for the leaders of nations and call upon them to guarantee freedom of thought and conscience, and freedom to practice and propagate religion in accordance with the will of God and as set forth in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights !” So this Covenant then is in fact rendering it adherents subservient to the United Nation interpretation of human rights!

Lausanne LX2 UNDHR= A

The teeth in the UN’s Declaration of Human Rights is in Article 29.3, which states, “These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principals of the United Nations!”

Lausanne LX2 UNDHR= B

Another potential problem lies in the Modesto Manifesto (Part 4), which contains a prohibition against openly criticizing other pastors or ministries – even if they are in error and a danger to the public.

Another issue with the PT group is their  Facebook timeline for Oct. 20, 2014 reveals an “OC Pastors Spiritual Retreat“, scheduled to take place at the Catholic [Benedictine] Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside, and led by Dr. Michael Bischof, President of Souleader Resources. A quick look at the materials used by Souleader reveals their contemplative roots. Though it is unclear which pastor instigated this “retreat”, it is nothing less than an attempt to indoctrinate the group in occultic meditation.

From the available evidence, it appears that Holland Davis is the unofficial leader of Pastors Together. Whoever is updating the PT webpage is also posting promotions for Holland’s “Love San Clemente” gig. From his posts on social media, Holland appears to be very sympathetic to contemplative spirituality. Holland has been a business partner of Chuck Fromm, CEO of the contemplative promoting Worship Leader Magazine. [See

With no explanation, on April 14, 2014, Holland posted an excerpt of a book by ecumenicist Wesley Granberg Michaelson, Advisor for Ecumenical Relations at Reformed Church in America, and former member World Council of Churches. See

On May 12, 2015, Holland reposted on his blog ,”Ancient and Emerging: 5 Major Changes Coming to the Church“, by *IHOP Director John Burton, who claims that in the future church, “Teaching will be minimized…” and that, “While there will still be important Bible teaching, *Apostolic instruction will emerge as a necessary new ministry!” See


On Aug. 3, 2015 Holland posts an piece promoting “The Presence” from Freshwater Worship, which is based on the book by Catholic contemplative Brother Lawrence. Freshwater lists amongst it’s affiliates, Rick Joyner’s Morningstar Ministries! See

Bad Presence

This is not to judge Holland’s or other PT members hearts but their fruits, and what they are promoting. NOTE: this is not slander or gossip, but documentation of what Holland Davis himself has posted on social media.

Whatever good is being accomplished by Pastors Together, it seems outweighed by the damage to the body of Christ through heretical alliances, partnerships with false teachers and through covenants with globalist organizations. The words of Spurgeon Need well be heeded: “It is our solemn conviction that where there can be no real spiritual communion there should be no pretense of fellowship. Fellowship with known and vital error is participation in sin!”

Pastor’s Fellowship of OC Participating churches / pastors @ Jan. 2016

Calvary Chapel Foothill Ranch – Steve Denicola
Calvary Chapel Mission Viejo – Rob Miller
Calvary Chapel San Clemente – Holland Davis
Capo Beach Church – Craig Whittaker
Coast Bible Church – Neil Anderson
Cornerstone Community – Ron Sukut
Heritage Christian Fellowship – Roger Gales
Pacific Coast Church – Mark Ambrose
Saddleback San Clemente – Phil Shinners
Shoreline Church (SC) – George Hulse
South Coast Church Int’l – Chris Smith
St. Clement’s Episcopal – Rev. Patrick Crerar
St. Micheal’s Charismatic Episcopal – Bishop Doug Kessler


Update 2017: After being confronted regarding the group’s linkage to the Lausanne Movement and other ecumenical groups, the admin. of the Pastors Together site has taken down the “What We Believe” page, with it’s links. Still it appears that all of the churches that were involved as of  the initial writing (Jan. 2016), are still involved – the ecumenism and heretical associations remain in place.


2 thoughts on “Pastors Together: A Fellowship of Errors

  1. Anonymous

    Wow my old church is on this list. Now I know why old friends dislike my posts… and that there were probably deeper reasons than I realized that the church split in my last few year in San Clemente! My heart breaks, I am so much the odd one out in my age group it seems, or maybe actually it’s not an age group thing.

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