Emergent Watch Documentation on Brian Head Welch

 The following are screen captures of various pictures and web pages linked to Whosoever Brian “Head” Welch. They are hard evidence, and clearly document the fact that Mr. Welch has been, and CONTINUES TO ENGAGE IN ASSOCIATION with known false teachers. This evidence demonstrates that the 11/21/14 Calvary Costa Mesa/ KWVE radio broadcast in defense of Welch and the Whosoevers was a major whitewash operation.

In the broadcast, Ryan Ries went live on national radio and blatantly lied to listeners about Welch’s associations, in an attempt to preserve the “image” of the Whosoevers.  CCCM head pastor Brian Broderson and assistant pastors Josh Turansky and Ken Sutton were facilitating and encouraging this whitewash. Instead of doing the right thing and cutting Head loose, they have chosen to double down and perpetuate the lie.

Apparently, as a reward for his “faithfulness”, Ryan Ries has been rewarded with his own live call-in radio show on KWVE. Astoundingly, a few days before RR’s program aired,  Josh Turansky published a piece on the CC.com website attacking critics and linking them to tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy kooks. Note that when many comments he received were not supportive but outraged, he simply deleted the comments and closed the post. Welcome to the post-modern Nicolatian church!

 NOTE: These graphics (unfortunately) are not in chronological order.

Head's recommended books 5.5.14New FAIR USE @2.9.15+==Head & Shawn Morris  11.7.14Head Promoting Conprayer 12.10.14Head's 9.30.14 KEY post now deletedHead 12.10.14 post promotes Contemplative PrayerHead & Todd Bentley (TB posted 1.14.15)Bentley twitter on 1.26.15 - Event w/ HeadTodd Bentley's Instagram - Hangin with Head 2015Hanging out with Todd BentleyOld friends John Crowder & Head - "Tokin the Ghost"Head MERCHHead's New Age friend "mystic" Milly BennittHead's Friend does New Age festivalsTHE EVIDENCE - Head's CONFESSION & promo of Milly Bennitt

Note: “…to obtain UNION WITH [yoga] or ABSORPTION INTO [Hindu “Brahman”] deity. “Mystic” = Occultic practitioner!

There is no excuse for Christian to play such evil garbage - NONE!
There is no excuse for Christian to play such evil garbage – NONE!

Head makes headlines 9.4.14, on behalf of heretical HG movieWhosoevers post of Korn's jam @ Mayhem Fest 6.9.14Head & more bad company 9.27.14Head during filming of heretical "Holy Ghost" movie 8.9.14Head Teacher John Welton = NARBrian Head Welch doin what he does so often


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