“Science” or Just Another Fig Leaf?


One of the Keynote Speakers at last week’s Catalyst Dallas confab was Dr. Caroline Leaf, a communication Pathologist specializing in Neuro-psychology. Leaf is close friends with Word-faith preachers Ken Copeland & Phil Pringle. In her book, “Switch On Your Brain”, she thanks James Robison, Joyce Meyer and Marilyn Hickey for their “inspiration”!

Her book tells us, “You (unbelievers too) have an extraordinary ability to determine, achieve, and maintain optimal levels of intelligence, mental health, peace and happiness – as well as the prevention of disease in your body and mind.” In likeness of New Thought teachers like Norman Vincent-Peale, she tells us, “What you are thinking every moment of every day becomes a physical reality!” On her twitter page she informs us, “(We) need to develop an ongoing conversation… a constant internal dialogue with the Holy Spirit…” And that this, “will help bring order to our introspection and self-reflection.”

On her website http://drleaf.com/about/scientific-philosophy/ Dr. Leaf cites “Franciscan nuns in contemplative prayer and Buddhist monks in meditation, in which frontal lobe activity is increased… Studies of Carmelite and Franciscan nuns engaged in worship has shown positive changes in numerous anatomical structures of the brain…” The connection to contemplative prayer is made clear, especially in that Dr. Leaf’s research parallels that of Jon Kabat-Zinn, who supplied the “scientific” foundation for “Mindfulness” – which is nothing more that relabeled occult meditation. See https://emergentwatch.com/2014/06/07/mindup-demonic-deception-in-the-classroom/

Leaf & Copelands2

Joyce Meyer says of her work, “I am amazed at Dr Leaf’s ability to merge science and the Bible, and teach us the science and Scripture behind the amazing, God-given power we have within our minds” – See http://c3churchwatch.com/2014/12/02/our-best-leaf-now/

“Not only has neuro-plasticity gained a firm foothold in the Word of Faith Movement and its positive confession doctrine, it aims to prove that the WOF’s doctrine on healing in particular is scientifically verifiable, much in the same way the Emergent Church claims to have proven that contemplative meditation is scientifically confirmable.” – See http://www.discerningtheworld.com/2014/11/06/neuroplasticity-and-how-to-re-wire-your-brain/ – And so we have the same old lie from the garden, and more “scientific” fig leaves – to vainly try to cover man’s sinfulness and inability so save himself.


3 thoughts on ““Science” or Just Another Fig Leaf?

  1. B4 even reading this I realized DR Leaf was not 4 me entirely..ILL learn about the brain BUTT not her take on Christ..I can learn about the brain cant I?? Thanks and IM aware of mixing The BIBLE with Junk..She seemed sincere and I think She is saved butt I already know the answer..We get tricked sometimes by the enemy…2 Bad She is not AWARE..Maybe WE should inform Her..She is worth it you know..

    1. She is in fact a dangerous false teacher. I wouldn’t take her advice on ANYTHING. Her research is going to be biased towards her agenda of promoting Mindfulness/ contemplative mysticism.

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