Calvary Chapel Update – The Movement in Peril

CC Beginnings

It’s been a year since the passing of Calvary Chapel’s founding pastor, Chuck Smith, and all is not well. Many have been concerned about the “new direction” of the Calvary movement, and apparently, rightly so. As Emergent Watch has documented, there has been a notable increase in emergent, contemplative and other aberrant materials carried at both the Chapel Store and Calvary Distribution. See –

Cal. Dist. 102314 list+

Some good news has come – CC Downey’s positive response to our bookstore survey. Still, many affiliates refuse to protect their flocks from the bad materials offered by their online providers. The bad news is pretty bad: KWVE’s Facebook page has recently carried ads promoting Hillsong music and is even doing contests – to win tickets to see the emergent Louie Giglio affiliated band “Passion” at the Rock Church in Anaheim – or tickets to the David Crowder concert at Mariner’s Irvine, home of the emergent fest “Catalyst West”.  See –

KWVE +DOCUmentation

His Channel, a CC Costa Mesa affiliate is now regularly playing messages by Chip Ingram, who contributed – with Brian McLaren & Rick Warren – to the book “The Emerging Church – Vintage Christianity for New Generations”.  See –

Pastor Bob Caldwell, who is on the Leadership Council of the Calvary Association – and is a featured speaker at the upcoming CC Worship Leaders Conference – is still recommending the contemplative how-to guidebook “Practicing The Presence” by Brother Lawrence at the his church’s bookstore. See –

A few weeks ago it was revealed to Facebook friends of “Chuck Loves Kay” that a lawsuit has been filed by members of Pastor Chuck’s family against CC Costa Mesa, it’s current head pastor, Brian Broderson and some of the board members – claiming “Civil Conspiracy” – that the church and it’s assets were essentially hijacked by Broderson & co. See – ; And last week a video was released by the Smith family of Chuck’s brother Paul Smith, where some very serious charges are leveled against Broderson & co. See –  “My brother’s succession plan for Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa” –

Chuck &Kay

To be sure, there are still solid teaching pastors at many CC’s, but the emergent infection is spreading. Some otherwise solid churches use Hillsong and Jesus Culture songs in their worship, and too many don’t watch their own bookstores for aberrant materials. Sadly, many who were staunch Calvary supporters have left (or been asked to) and are now amongst the “scattered sheep”. See – One thing is certain – CCCM and the movement in general – seem to going in the wrong direction.

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