Calvary Costa Mesa Doing Major Ecumenical Outreach

Creation Fest 2014 is UK Ecumenical partnership

Calvary Costa Mesa is the originator and organizer for Creation Fest 2014. See; The Creation Fest website says the CF is a member of the ecumenical organization The Evangelical Alliance, which “Works across 79 denominations, 3,300 churches, 750 organizations” in the UK [WikiData] At this event CCCM will be directly partnering with Catholics, Anglicans, etc.

CCCM - CreationFest2b

In previous years, Creation Fest has also partnered with HOPE 08 – – itself a member of the Alliance, and linked to thousands of churches & para-church orgs.

CreFrest 08 +Hope09 & EvanAlliance, etc. KEY

The CF website also identifies Calvary’s ecumenical 2014 Media partners:

> 1: UCB Media: UCB TV carries programs by: Hillsong TV, Derek Prince, Bob Coy, Greg Laurie, Joel Osteen. See – []

UCB is regularly, repeatedly airing videos from the Revival Alliance 2012 – with John Arnot (Toronto blessing), Bill Johnson (Bethel Redding) & Randy Clarke, etc. See –

UCB is also regularly, repeatedly airing videos from the Color Conference 2012 with Beth Moore, Pricilla Shrier, Bobbie Houston & Cristine Caine []

UCS expo1

> 2: Premier Christian Media Group: > CCP -Magazines > Youthwork & Childrenswork magazine & Christianity Mag; (Ecumenical – Anglican/ Catholic) Their website tells us that their “AIMS” are “To encourage greater mutual understanding and co-operation between members of the different churches and denominations”.

Premier = Cat=2

Premier.TV links directly to the contemplative  ALPHA COURSE. Their publication, youthwork mag links to Alpha. The magazine also sponsors the youthwork conference, which is linked to Youth for Christ [YFC], which links back to Alpha. Additionally, Heart to Heart – pub’d by Premier Media is a “Free CATHOLIC e-Magazine”

Premier TV & Alpha=-vert-horz

Creation Fest Roadshow 2008Partnered with: Hope 2008

NOTE: CF 2008 was tied to HOPE 08 see:

The question has to asked: WHY is Calvary Costa Mesa partnering with all of these ecumenical organizations in the UK – And is this the new direction of Calvary Chapel?


2 thoughts on “Calvary Costa Mesa Doing Major Ecumenical Outreach

  1. Hi Brothers and Sisters of Emergent Watch. Appreciate your apologetic ministry.

    Recently, I perused a chart with emergent authors listed. It said that Calvary Chapel Oceanside has these authors and books in their bookstore. That concerned my wife, Ann and I, so we visited the bookstore and carefully checked for these authors and books, Our results were that those books are not in the CCO bookstore with the exception of Mark Driscoll, which should not be there.

    Since Ann & I attend CCO, we will consult with the bookstore, hoping to encourage them to remove Mark Driscoll’s books.

    If there is something that we need to know, please inform us–in that we are new to CCO and know that some of the CC’s are going wayward.

    Your Brother in Christ,
    Ronnie Plotner

    1. Sorry it took so long to respond. I had some technical problems. Please NOTE that the CCO bookstore survey that was done via their ONLINE bookstore, the main link is: ; CCO has, like many other CC’s, they’ve turned their online store over to a vendor/ distributor and use their marketing software. Signature Marketing Network, owned by Innovative Inc. runs the system. STILL, The signature site make it plain that ANY materials that are not wanted can be easily removed by the in-store manager. see:
      For some reason the store manager has chosen to not remove many bad books. These would only show in the online store. Thus, in my opinion CCO management is culpable in allowing these false teaching materials to be made available. They could even do as CC Downey has done, and take down the site & do a through inventory & reassess their vendor options. I just now check the CCO site & some of the worst authors books are all still offered.

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