Chapel Store Inc. has our video removed claiming “copyright infringement”.

Calvary Costa Mesa’s Chapel Store Inc. has had EmergentWatch’s video exposing CC Downey’s emergent filled bookstore removed from You Tube today – citing “Copyright Violation”.

Violation – maybe, maybe not… (But there is “Fair Use”) Probably because their logo was on every page – but shouldn’t they have thought about that before the video became necessary!

What are they really concerned about? A video with 300+ hits? Seems like they are moving swiftly to protect their brand, and thus their revenue.

The video would not have been necessary, had they been as concerned about protecting the sheep – been proactive and concerned about false teaching materials coming into the bookstore. Should they not have been policing the bookstore themselves regularly? 

We would have pulled the video as soon as we saw that the reformed CC Downey store is reasonably free of these false teaching materials. But, apparently they are so concerned about their business income they have preempted us. In any case – The important thing is not our video, but that they do remove the bad materials.

In case you missed it, THIS was the problem:

CCD Final List=


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